Professor Glynis Jones

BSc, MPhil, PhD

Department of Archaeology

Emeritus Professor of Archaeology

Professor Glynis Jones
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Professor Glynis Jones
Department of Archaeology
Minalloy House
10-16 Regent Street
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After graduating with a degree in zoology from Cardiff, I worked as a science teacher in the UK and Greece for some years before joining the British School at Athens as a research assistant in archaeological materials science at the Fitch Laboratory.

I returned to Britain in 1978 to undertake an MPhil, followed by a PhD, in Archaeology, at the University of Cambridge.

I then worked as an environmental archaeologist at the Department of Urban Archaeology, Museum of London, a post I left to take up my current position at the University of Sheffield in 1984.

  • Fellow of the British Academy
  • PhD in Archaeology – Cambridge University
  • MPhil in Archaeology – Cambridge University
  • Certificate in Education – Cardiff University
  • BSc Honours in Zoology – Cardiff University
Research interests
  • The origins and spread of agriculture
  • The investigation of crop domestication and spread through DNA analysis
  • Ecological approaches to crop domestication
  • The use of weed ecology in the identification of crop husbandry practices
  • Stable isotopes as a method for identifying the intensity of crop cultivation practices
  • Dating the spread of crops through Europe
  • The role of crop cultivation in the Neolithic to Iron Age in Britain/Europe
  • Ethnoarchaeological approaches to the investigation of early farming

Current research projects

  • Life in a cold climate: the adaptation of cereals to new environments (ERC project) with Prof. T. Brown, Dr. H. Jones and Dr. P. Pearman.
  • Evolutionary origins of agriculture (ERC project) with Dr. C. Osborne, Prof. T.A. Brown (Manchester), Dr. M. Charles, Prof. M. Rees, Dr. N. Fieller and Dr. E. Stillman.
  • Origin of agriculture: an ecological perspective on crop domestication (NERC project) with Dr. M. Charles, Prof. C. Osborne and Prof. M. Rees.
  • Agricultural Origins of Urban Civilisation (ERC project) with Dr. A. Bogaard and Dr. J Hodgson.
  • Crop stable isotope ratios: new approaches to palaeodietary and agricultural reconstruction (NERC project) with Dr. A Bogaard (Oxford), Dr. T. Heaton (NIGL), Prof. R. Evershed (Bristol) and Dr. M. Charles.
  • Identifying ancient land use through the functional ecology of crop weeds (NERC project) with Dr. M. Charles and Dr. J. Hodgson.
Research group

Current Research Students

  • Victoria Knowles- "The Marketisation of Agriculture: The archaeobotanical evidence for the development of a market economy for arable agricultural and horticultural products in Britain and Central Europe during the Roman and medieval period"
  • Victoria Newson- "The Interaction Between Olive Oil and Wine Production Sites in the Southern Levant: a Detailed Computational, Climatological and Trade Based Analysis"
Professional activities and memberships
  • Member of the British School at Athens Council (Trustee)
  • Member of the British Academy Archaeology Standing Committee
  • Vice-President of the British School at Athens
  • Fellow of the British Academy
  • Member of the NERC Peer Review College
  • Member of the REF 2014 sub-panel for Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology.
  • Member of the ERC starting grant 2013 evaluation panel.
  • Member of the British School at Athens Laboratory sub-committee
  • Member of the Association for Environmental Archaeology.
  • Member of the editorial board of Journal of Archaeological Science.
  • British representative on the steering panel for the International Work Group for Palaeoethnobotany (IWGP).
Selected Publications

Edited Books

  • 2001 (with S. Jacomet, M. Charles and F. Bittmann) Archaeology of Plants. Berlin: Springer.

  • 1998 (with M. Charles and P. Halstead) Fodder: Archaeological, Historical and Ethnographic Studies.  Oxford: Oxbow

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