Bioarchaeology research cluster

Bioarchaeology is a traditionally strong area of research at Sheffield and this is reflected in the vibrancy of our postgraduate teaching, our sizeable community of doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and seven permanent staff members with expertise in zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, human osteology and palaeoanthropology. We have also been running a very successful series of short courses – often combining different strands of bioarchaeological expertise – for several years.

Our research in bioarchaeology spans from the lower Palaeolithic to early modern times, and is complemented by experimental and ethnoarchaeological studies. Primate behaviour, early hominid evolution, domestication of plants and animals, human and livestock mobility, ritual and funerary practices, as well as cultural transmission and identity, feature among the many themes investigated by researchers in this cluster. We regularly integrate our evidence with that deriving from other strands of analysis, particularly biochemistry, isotopic analysis, ethnography and history. The bioarchaeology cluster benefits from excellent facilities, including dedicated teaching and research laboratories as well as internationally renowned reference collections.

Ploughing ethnography

Bioarchaeology Research Projects

Evolutionary Origis of Agriculture (funded by European Research Council)

Feeding Stonehenge

Origins of Agriculture (funded by Natural Environment Research Council)

Pig Ethnography (funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council and British Academy)

South African Palaeocave Survey

The role of animal husbandry in late Iron Age and Roman societies (funded by Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships)

The Role of Weaning History in Medieval Infant Identities (funded by University of Sheffield Early Career Researcher Scheme)

The Rothwell Charnel Chapel Project

The St Patrick’s Chapel Excavation Project (funded by Cadw, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, the Nineveh Trust, the British Academy and the University of Sheffield)

Welland Bank Quarry

Zooarchaeology of Central England

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