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Hannes Maib
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Dr Hannes Maib
School of Biosciences
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S10 2TN

2023 – Present - Wellcome Trust Early Career Fellow, University of Sheffield

2019-2023 - Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Dundee, Cell and Developmental Biology, Supervisor: Dr. David Murray

2015-2019 - PhD University of Sheffield, Supervisor: Prof Elizabeth Smythe

2013-2015 - MSc, Life and Medical Sciences, University of Bonn, Germany Supervisor: Prof Thorsten Lang

2010-2013 -  Bsc, Molekulare Biomedizin, University of Bonn

Research interests

Membrane identity changes in control of contact site formation

Membrane identity is key to cellular function, with each organelle displaying distinct identity determinants. Among the main factors imposing this are phosphoinositides, a small family of phospholipids that act as signpost of membrane identity. Lipid kinases and phosphatases are capable of interconverting these lipids by addition or removal of phosphate groups, leading to 8 distinct phosphoinositides. Key interest of my lab is to understand how these conversion cascades are regulated and how these changes to membrane identity influence cellular processes. The recent realisation that almost all organelles are in constant communication with each other, through formation of dynamic membrane contact sites, has opened up new questions regarding the interplay of membrane identity and contact site formation. Importantly, these contact sites are essential for the intracellular transport of lipids and misregulation is associated with disease and hereditary disorders. Therefore, it is essential to gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate this fundamental aspect of cell biology in order to develop novel interventions.


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