The course director helped me to get to where I am today

Khushboo Malhotra
Khushboo Malhotra
Now: Microbiology Laboratory Technician, Isopharm
MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Khushboo is now a Microbiology Laboratory Technician at Isopharm here in Sheffield, using the lab techniques she learnt on her course every day, and teaching her colleagues how to use them too!
Khushboo Malhotra

What did you enjoy most about your studies?

I have always been interested to learn different topics in the field of Molecular Biology. Undoubtedly, the course has been designed to provide complete practical and theoretical knowledge of the field. My final research project was indeed the best part of my journey.

What are you doing now and what made you decide to go down that route?

I am currently working as a Microbiology Laboratory technician at Isopharm, Sheffield. Although Isopharm is a Microbiological testing organization, they are trying to adopt different Molecular Biology techniques such as DNA extraction and purification, qPCR, etc. and I am keen on sharing the knowledge with them that I have gained in the last year.

How did your degree help you get your job?

My degree offered me rich exposure to the fundamental as well as practical aspects of Molecular Biology and most importantly taught me good laboratory skills. I was always confident that studying here will empower me with sound knowledge of the field and help me gain the necessary skills to reach my goals while also connecting me with the best opportunities in the field. I would like to thank my professor, Dr Qaiser Sheikh who always motivated me to do better and taught me various skills which I am still using in my current job. I believe that the opportunity to learn from illumined professors like him comes once in a lifetime. He has helped me boost my confidence to work alone in the lab and get good results every time. I believe he has played a very important role in making me achieve my goal.

What kind of skills from your course are you using in your job?

ALMOST EVERYTHING. My colleagues are always surprised by the different tricks and techniques I use at work and they are also keen to learn them. The most important technique they have adopted is DNA extraction by spin column method and I still prefer to refer to my module handbook for various laboratory techniques because it has got everything. Being an international student, I never thought that I could do this good. All thanks to the School of Biosciences.

What are you enjoying most about your job?

I love my work at my job. My work is to test water quality as per UKAS standards using Membrane filtration, endotoxin testing, qPCR and endoscopy water testing using sterile water testing devices such as Surrogates. I am an expert in the preparation and processing of water and dryer surrogate devices for different clients such as Wassenburg Medical, UK, Olympus Medical Systems Corp., Getinge Medical Group, iM-MED: Decontamination specialists, MMM Medical equipment, UK, and PFE medical.

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