Electronics Workshop

The School of Biosciences has a long-established Electronics Workshop, that provides a service to assist the development, maintenance and safety of its research and teaching facilities.


We deal with a diverse range of equipment and facilities relevant to contemporary biomedical science. It is located, with essential resources immediately to hand, within the school's main buildings. The development of repair work may be based in the workshop itself or may, as necessary, be undertaken by the workshop where the items are sited.

The Electronics Workshop provides the following services:

  • Equipment Repair.
  • Equipment Maintenance – in house.
  • Organisation of External Service Contracts – for equipment requiring specialization outside the scope of the workshop.
  • Routine Portable Appliance Safety Testing (P.A.T.) – for all new & existing equipment.
  • Design & Construction of Bespoke Laboratory Equipment – where such equipment may not be commercially available.
  • Oxygen Depletion Monitoring Safety Systems – design, installation & maintenance – fitted in all areas of BMS where such hazards exist.
  • Stock of Electronic Components & Consumables – in house source of batteries, bulbs, cables, connectors etc.
  • Machine Shop Facilities – in house rudimentary alternative to the UoS Central Workshops
  • Consultancy & Advice – on a range of electronic issues, including design, interfacing , sourcing & implementation of systems for use in Teaching & Research.

The Electronics Workshop is located in room A232 of the Alfred Denny Building (adjacent to Biology Lecture Theatres 1 and 2).

For further information email: bms-electronics@sheffield.ac.uk

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