I chose to spend a year studying abroad in Canada

Samuel Morgan in Canada
Samuel Morgan
Year abroad: Western University, Ontario, Canada
BSc Biomedical Science with a Year Abroad
Samuel applied to spend a year studying abroad at Western University in Ontario, Canada. During the year he studied diverse modules, from immunology to child psychology, and explored the country with new friends from all over the world.
Samuel Morgan in Canada

What made you decide to study biomedical science at Sheffield?

I chose to study biomedical science at Sheffield because I have always been extremely interested in science, particularly relating to human biology. I really enjoy the flexibility of the course and how biomedical science at Sheffield really tries to explore all aspects of biomedical science whilst allowing you to direct your degree specialism. 

What made you decide to go to Canada for your year abroad?

I chose Canada because I love how diverse the country is in both rural-urban and culturally. 

What have been your highlights so far?

Visiting different places in Canada but I particularly loved Vancouver. It is extremely green there, even within the city. 

What topics have you studied whilst abroad?

I chose three different microbiology and immunology, children psychology, social psychology, and pathology modules.

What sort of things did you do outside of your studies?

I travelled within Ontario and went to British Colombia to see Vancouver. I also took part in student events such as O week, which is like Sheffield’s Freshers’ week. St. Patricks day is also a very big holiday in Canada so I joined the student activities then. 

But mostly, I socialised with the other exchange students and I now know so many people all over the world.

How do you think this experience will help you in the future?

Firstly, this type of experience will look great on my CV. It really shows future employers independence, and dedication. 

This experience also opens so many doors like travelling to different countries to meet friends you have made on your exchange.

What would you say to a prospective student considering studying biomedical science at Sheffield?

I would say to not stress so much on future pathways and careers. Biomedical science is a STEM subject, covering some real core skills that employers are looking for in a candidate. The course also dives into multiple areas of cutting-edge research. This gives you flexibility in career paths and not just in the science filed.

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