Biological Sciences Division Posterday 2016


Top-notch posters!

This year’s Biological Sciences Division Posterday was held on March 23rd in Firth Hall. More than 50 posters were presented by third year postgraduate students and the judges agreed that the posters were across the board among the best they had seen.

The judges (Gareth Phoenix (APS), Steve West (MBB), Karim Sorefan (MBB), Emily Noel (BMS), Duncan Cameron (APS), Chun Guo (BMS) spent three hours discussing which posters deserved prizes. In the end they decided to give out three prizes:

First Prize: £150 - Elspeth Kenny

Prize 1

Second Prize: £120 - Agnieszka Skowronek

Prize 2

Third Prize: £100 - Paul Galvin

Prize 3

The prizes, barristas and cookies would not have been possible without the generous support of the following companies:

  • Chris Lounds: New England BioLabs
  • Mark Collins: Garland, Taylor & Francis Group
  • John Newman and Nigel Dixon: Greiner Bio-One
  • Andrew Barlow: Zeiss
  • Eleanor Edey: Starlab UK

I would like to thank all of third year students, BMS secretarial help, Rachel Hammond for managing finances, the Firth Court porters, Ron Adams for pics, the judges and all of you who attended and made the event such a great success!

Henry Roehl, Biological Sciences Division Posterday 2016.