Our internationally renowned research focuses on the biology of human health and disease. It includes the traditional disciplines of cell and developmental biology alongside innovative research programmes that cross the established disciplines of biology, medicine, engineering and the physical sciences, drawing basic and clinician scientists together. This creates a unique environment for translating physiology, cell biology and developmental biology into innovative opportunities to treat human diseases, including neurodegeneration, deafness, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and muscular dystrophy.

In the Research Excellence Framework 2014, we're number one in the UK for the impact and quality of our medical research, alongside other departments at the University of Sheffield. We're in the top five for our biological science research.

Research themes

Research ThemesOur research comprises four interdisciplinary themes:

- Lifecourse
- Membrane Biology
- Sensory Neuroscience
- Stem Cells and Cancer

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Research centres

Research CentresWe are home to:

- The Bateson Centre
- The Centre for Stem Cell Biology
- The Centre for Membrane Interactions and Dynamics

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Facilities and services

Research FacilitiesWe provide extensive facilities to support research and teaching. In addition, we house specialist screening services to assist the translation of basic science for clinical benefit.

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Our impact

Our ImpactOur research makes an impact on the real world contributing to scientific advancement, the education and training of students, as well as promoting inward investment benefiting of the University and the wider community.

Research impact and innovation

Independent Fellowships in Biology

We are committed to the training of the next generation of researchers and are seeking outstanding candidates wishing to launch their independent research careers by successful applications for independent research fellowships (IRFs) to funding agencies including BBSRC, CRUK, MRC, The Wellcome Trust and The Royal Society. Deadline: No official deadline - all applications will be considered.

Screening services

A key focus of our research is to rapidly translate basic findings into clinical applications. Our Small Molecule Screening Unit and the Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility aid such translation by providing the means to screen for small molecules that can modulate disease progression in model organisms. The insights obtained from these screens act as a springboard to develop new therapies for diseases.

The Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Facility

The Bateson's Small Molecule Screening Unit provides a dedicated facility for whole-organism (zebrafish) in vivo screens for researchers that are studying a range of developmental and disease mechanisms.  The unit may also be used to identify new potential therapeutic small molecules or test drug toxicities. It supports innovative collaborations with both academic and industrial partners.

The Sheffield Zebrafish Screening Facility

The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility (SRSF)

The SRSF - the UK's only Drosophila RNAi screening centre - is a service for whole genome screening experiments at low cost. The facility provides specialist equipment to assist the wider scientific community in carrying out high-throughput RNAi screens with Drosophila and Human cells.

The Sheffield RNAi Screening Facility