International students

International students

We have a thriving international research community, with students from many different cultures, countries and backgrounds. Our staff are here to support you as you settle into life as a PhD student, and help you with any issues along the way.

The University of Sheffield's webpages for international students have lots more information about what makes Sheffield a great place to study, how we'll help you settle in and the support that is available throughout your degree. There is also information about English language requirements, visa requirements, funding opportunities and other information specific to your country.

Applying for your PhD

The PhD opportunities listed on our 'Projects' page are available to students from anywhere in the world, unless the description says that this is not the case. Once you have identified a potential project and supervisor, please complete the University's postgraduate online application form to apply. It is a good idea to contact the supervisor of any PhD opportunity you want to apply for, before you submit your application.

If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, you should tell us this in the form. You should also include any information you have about funding that you are applying for separately, or that you have in place already.

Please note that the funding opportunities listed on our 'Funding your PhD' page may have specific eligibility requirements, so make sure that you are eligible for any scholarships you are applying for as part of your application.

Postgraduate online application form

A full explanation of how to complete the form, including details of the supporting documents you will need to submit, is given on the University's webpages for postgraduate students.

How to apply: applying essentials

Entry requirements

If you have studied at a university in the UK, we usually ask for a first class, or upper second class, undergraduate honours degree in a relevant subject.

However, we can also accept qualifications from many other countries. You can find out which qualifications we accept from your country on the University's webpages for international students.

Qualifications specific to your country

English language requirements

If you have not already studied in a country where English is the majority language, it is likely that you will need to have completed an English language qualification in the two years before starting your PhD. We usually ask for:

International English Language Testing Service (IELTS)
Overall grade of 7 with 6 in each component

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Overall score on internet-based test of 110 with 24 in all components

University of Sheffield English Proficiency Test
Overall grade of 7 with 6 in written component

Applicants from India with a X and XII grade of 70% are exempt. You can find out whether you need to have an english language qualification, andwhich other English language qualifications we accept, on the University's webpages for international students.

English language requirements

The English Language Teaching Centre offers English language courses for students who are preparing to study at the University of Sheffield.

English Language Teaching Centre

Fees and funding

Up-to-date tuition fees can be found on the University's webpages for international students.

Tuition fees

Some of the PhD opportunities listed on our 'Projects' page may come with specific funding to cover your tuition fees and living expenses. If you successfully apply for one of these projects, and you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be automatically awarded the funding. Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements before you submit your application.

If a project does not come with specific funding, you may be awarded a scholarship after you have submitted your application. Visit our 'Funding your PhD' page to find out about the different scholarships that are available, and let us know if you wish to be considered for a scholarship by including this in your application form. Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for any scholarships you wish to apply for before you submit your application.

It is a good idea to contact the supervisor of any PhD opportunity you want to apply for, before you submit your application, as they may be able to advise you on other sources of funding. We also accept applications from students who are applying for funding separately, or have funding in place already.

Funding your PhD

Kavitha"Doing the doctoral programme at Sheffield has helped me gain a lot of technical skills and training in the field of developmental biology. The facilities within the department are outstanding, which in turn provide a very good research environment to work in."

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Jose"One of the first things I realised when I knew that my application had been successful was the fact that I was going to be right in the middle of an academic world full of challenges and opportunities. And sure enough, I think the Department of BMS has proved to be true to this vision in every sense. Not only has my being here allowed me to expand my scientific background, but also it has encouraged me to pursue even bigger dreams of scientific fulfillment."

Jose Vazquez, Mexico – read more

Tanzila"The Department is the best place for one's intellectual growth. They make you think, understand, learn, explain, discuss, write, present, decide and best of all, mature."

Tanzila Mukhtar, India – read more