About us

CMIAD logoFounded in 2012, CMIAD is a virtual University Centre which brings together cell biologists investigating the basic mechanisms underpinning membrane traffic and cytoskeletal dynamics with physical scientists, computational biologists and clinicians with the ultimate aim of developing improved therapies. Our research brings members from the Faculties of Science , Medicine, Dentistry and Health.

Through studentships, a monthly seminar series, joint grants and research away-days, our objective is to exploit our cross-disciplinary expertise to understand the basic mechanisms of membrane traffic and cytoskeletal dynamics and how this understanding may be translated into improved therapies.

CMIAD aims to exploit our capability within the University of Sheffield in the:

  • Mechanistic understanding of membrane trafficking and cellular architecture;
  • Physiology and pharmacology of membrane vesicle release;
  • Understanding trafficking and cytoskeletal questions in health & disease, in model organisms including yeast, fly, fish and rodents;
  • Synthetic molecules for making, encoding and targeted synthetic vesicles with application in research and disease therapy;
  • Computational modeling to translate knowledge of real biological systems (eg. Auditory synapse or mast cells) into synthetic models.

Areas of expertise

We have expertise in the basic biology of endocytosis, exocytosis, synaptic mechanisms and membrane-cytoskeletal interactions in yeast and mammalian tissue culture systems as well as genetically tractable models including Dictyostelium, Drosophila and zebrafish. Read more.