List of recent publications and articles from members of the CMIAD group.

Journal articles


Conference proceedings papers

  • Abdullahi RA, Lloyd J, Jones M, Lambru G, Al-Kaisy A, Davletov B & Andreou A (2019) Long term actions of a recombinant advanced Botulinum toxin (BiTox-AA) molecule in migraine animal models. CEPHALALGIA, Vol. 39 (pp 230-230) RIS | bibtex
  • Szkuta P, Lewis A, Renshaw S, Condliffe A & Elks P (2019) Neutrophils activated with Hif-1 alpha are protective in zebrafish tuberculosis in vivo models. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION, Vol. 49 (pp 67-68) RIS | bibtex
  • Li W, Long L, Yang X, King R, Southwood M, Tong Z, Caruso P, Upton P, Salmon RM, Condliffe AM , Nourshargh S et al (2019) Endogenous Circulating BMP9 Maintains Endothelial Cell Barrier Function. CARDIOVASCULAR DRUGS AND THERAPY, Vol. 33(2) (pp 269-270) RIS | bibtex