Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK/HSKK

汉语水平考试 / 汉语水平口语考试

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), which is organised by Hanban, is an international standardised Chinese language test to measure the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in daily lives, academic and working settings.  

HSK and HSKK (HSK Speaking) are open to all ages. Two independent parts: written test and oral test, can be taken separately, and at any levels.

HSK and HSKK tests scheduled in 2020: 

7th March 2020, Saturday, internet-based HSK (Done.)
21st March 2020, paper-based HSK and HSKK (Cancelled due to lockdown)
06th May 2020, HSK1-2, Home-edition (Done)
15th May 2020, HSK 1-2, both at 9am, Home Edition (Done)
29th May 2020, HSK/HSKK, Home Edition (Done) 

12th July 2020, HSK/HSKK (scheduled but will not open, due to continued closure of the university).

6th December 2020, HSK/HSKK, scheduled and the registration will open in Autumn.

Register and make test fee payment at      search for "HSK".

Examination fee for HSK (Written Test):
HSK1: £10;      HSK2: £20;     HSK3: £30;    HSK4: £40;    HSK5: £50;     HSK6: £60.

Examination fee and duration of the test, for HSKK (Oral Test):
HSKK Basic: £15;       HSKK Intermediate: £25;       HSKK Advance: £35.

HSK汉语水平考试 (HSK)

The New HSK comprises six levels from HSK-Level 1 to HSK-Level 6: 

  • HSK-Level 1: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 1 can understand and use simple words and sentences to fulfill specific communication needs and have a foundation for the further study of Chinese. 
  • HSK-Level 2: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 2 can communicate simply and directly on daily topics they are familiar with. Level 2 have reached the advanced stage of beginner level.
  • HSK-Level 3: Test takes who reach HSK-Level 3 can complete basic communication tasks in daily life, study and work. If travelling in China, Level 3 can handle most communication tasks they encounter.
  • HSK-Level 4: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 4 can discuss a relatively wide range of topics in Chinese and are able to communcate with native speaker.
  • HSK-Level 5: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 5 can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, appreciate Chinese films and television, and are able to write and deliver a full speech.
  • HSK-Level 6: Test takers who reach HSK-Level 6 can easily understand what they read and listen, and express themselves fluently in written and oral Chinese.

The table shows the level of vocabulary expected, test duration and score:

Vocabulary (words) Test duration, min Total Score Passing Score
HSK Level 1 150 40 200 120
HSK Level 2 300 55 200 120
HSK Level 3 600 90 300 180
HSK Level 4 1200 105 300 180
HSK Level 5 2500 125 300 180
HSK Level 6 5000 140 300 180


HSKK 汉语水平口语考试 (HSKK)

HSKK can be divided into three levels of HSKK (Basic), HSKK (Intermediate and HSKK (Advanced). Test takers on-site performance will be recorded.

HSKK 包括 HSKK (初级), HSKK (中级) and HSKK (高级) ,考试采用录音形式。

 The table shows general correlations between HSK and HSKK, and test duration

General Correlations to HSK Test Duration, min Total Score Passing Score
HSKK Basic HSK Level 1 and Level 2 20 100 60
HSKK Intermediate HSK Level 3 and Level 4 23 100 60
HSKK Advanced HSK Level 5 and Level 6 25 100 60


Test Syllabus, Sample Papers and Online Practice 网上资源

Click to download test Syllabus and Sample test papers (考试大纲及真题) at

Click here for online Practice 网上模拟考试 at 

新汉语水平考试真题集 HSK一级到六级 (每级各五套题 + 相应的听力音频文件mp3)
Details and Downloads, HSK Level 1 to Level 6

A Full Guide given by Pinhok Languages contains all vocabularies for all 6 levels, detailed description of the type of questions and structures at each level, practice tests links etc

More sample papers, transcripts, audio recordings and additional material are available to borrow at the Institute Resource Center, which is hosted within the CI Office. 


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