Student Representation

The Department of Economics, and the University of Sheffield as a whole, place great value on the opinions of its students. In the Department of Economics, there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved and have their say, from module evaluations (mid-term and end-of-term) to other general surveys, and very importantly, through student representation.

Student representatives are key facilitators of communication between students and the Department. In fact, the Department and students reps interact and collaborate closely and regularly throughout the year.

The Student Staff Forum (SSF) is a committee bringing together student representatives and academic staff which meets regularly during the academic year. The SSF is student-led and allows students, through their students reps, to suggest ideas, raise any issues and take part in discussions and decision-making about topics such as:

  • student feedback on teaching;
  • potential changes to courses;
  • departmental/school services (e.g. submission arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, employability and personal development activities, etc.);
  • improvements in communication with students.

The list is not exhaustive. Issues raised by students in the SSF are then part of the agenda of the relevant Learning and Teaching Committee meetings. In fact, student representatives (normally the Chair of the Student-Staff Forum) attend and participate in discussions in the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Departmental Staff meetings. In addition, there are Student-Staff Committees at Faculty level as well, where both student representatives and academic staff meet to discuss Faculty-level issues.

Below you can find the contacts and short bios of your student reps for the current academic year. We are pleased to see that there are student reps across all levels and from both single-honours and dual degrees.

Do not hesitate in contacting them in case you want to raise any issues with the Department. Alternatively, email the course representatives at

Student Staff Forum (SSF) Undergraduate Reps 2016/2017

Photo of student rep Chair Grace Wallace

Grace Wallace – BA Economics and Politics, Third Year (SSF Chair)

Hi, I am Grace and I am the Chair of the Student Staff Forum for this year! I am in my final year of dual honour Economics and Politics. Last summer I did the SURE scheme (a research project) in the politics department. I am a student ambassador and a mentor for the University’s outreach programme and I am the treasurer of Women’s Committee. Feel free to approach me with any academic concerns!


Photo of student rep Nick Burke

Nick Burke – BSc Economics, Second Year (SSF Secretary)

Hi I'm Nick and I do lots of stuff that isn't my degree and not as much as I should that is. I'm in second year BSc Economics and am Games Editor at the university's student newspaper Forge Press. I love being cynical about real-world politics and economics but have lots of strong unshakeable opinions that change all the time. When I leave university I want to go into a job that pays me really really well but gives me loads of free time and holidays whenever I want it.


Photo of student rep secretary Isobel Baker

Isobel Baker – BA Economics, Third Year (SSF Secretary)

This is my second year as a Rep, we had a great team last year and managed to address a range of issues within the department. It’s a great opportunity to meet staff and other students as well as looking really good on your HEAR. I’m also a mentor for post-graduate students and really enjoy getting involved with my course.


First year reps

Photo of student rep Virpan Srivastava

Virpan Srivastava – BA Economics and Politics, First Year

I am a Level 1 student of Economics and Politics. Pertaining to work, I have vested interests in the stock and bond markets and a high degree of enthusiasm for politics that resulted in myself being nominated to run for one of the major political parties in the 2016 Local Elections- and becoming the youngest person to do so at the age of 18.

Outside of the work sphere, I am an active person who likes to keep busy in a variety of ways. In terms of physical activity, I'm an avid swimmer with interests in most racket sports such as squash and badminton, as well as cycling and walking. Musically, I am a pianist and organist. As a Christian these are skills I utilise at my church as well as at various functions I am hired for on a regular basis. I'm easy-going, approachable and here to help you with any concerns you may have.


Photo of student rep Terdoo Jude Manger

Terdoo Jude Manger – BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics, First Year

My name is Terdoo Jude Manger. I am an International student from Nigeria. I studied at Canaan High School and Zamani College Kaduna where I did my International Foundation Year program. I am currently in year 1 studying BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics at the University of Sheffield. I am interested in sports particularly football.


Photo of student rep Tristan Westlake

Tristan Westlake – BSc Economics with Finance, First Year

Hi I’m Tristan, and I’m a first year student on the economics with finance program. Given my degree choice it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I want to go into finance after university. Besides economics I love football and travelling, and I’ve lived in 4 countries on 3 different continents. I'm always happy to help with anything so don' hesitate to ask.


Photo of student rep Donia Kamel

Donia Kamel – BSc Economics, First Year

I am in first year studying BSc Economics. I play Volleyball in the university's first team. And as your course representative, I'll make sure your voices are heard.


Second year reps

Photo of student rep Sandali Buddhipala

Sandali Buddhipala – BSc Economics with Finance, Second Year

I am a second year BSc Economics with Finance student. I am an international student, from Sri Lanka. I'm a Sheffield mentor, part of the Enactus team and is the treasurer of the Sri Lankan society for this year. Last summer, I did an internship for KPMG in Sri Lanka. This year I hope to do a summer internship in the U.K, in finance.
If you have any problems regarding your course or the facilities provided by the department, feel free to speak to one of us!


Photo of student rep Amy Lees

Amy Lees – BSc Economics, Second Year

Hi, I’m Amy and I am studying BSc Economics in Second Year (I previously studied BSc Maths and Economics but changed course). I have completed a ten-week internship in Operations at JPMorgan and am looking at a career in either Asset Management or Sales and Trading. I am especially interested in Applied Macroeconomics.


Photo of student rep Jacqueline Kaminsky

Jacqueline Kaminsky – BSc Economics, Second Year

Hi I’m Jacqueline, I’m a second year Economics BSc student. As well as being a course rep I am a member of the Investment Society, where I am part of the Income Fund which manages a portfolio of over £100,000 and I take a coding course where I am learning front-end web development. I also enjoy swimming, watching movies or the Apprentice and attending Economics related evening lectures with guest speakers.


Third year Reps

Photo of student rep Joshua Kandola

Joshua A Kandola – BA Economics, Third Year

I'm in my third year of studying Economics and have spent the last year studying in Madrid. Because I enjoy finance related modules I'm pursuing graduate schemes in both Finance and Accountancy. I'm also a member of the Investment Society's Trading Division and the University's Sikhism Society.


Photo of student rep Johanna Greco

Johanna Greco – BA Economics and Politics, Third Year

I’m a third year student in Economics and Politics. I’m also an international student from Rome (Italy). I have taken part in the SURE scheme where I collaborated on a research on “The Health Impacts of the United Nations Operations”. I’m Lead Ambassador for the UK/EU recruitment team here at the University and the Secretary and Publicity Officer for the Debating Society.


Photo of student rep Daryn Park

Daryn Park – BA Economics and Politics, Third Year

I’m a third year Economics and Politics student. I swim for the university team, and am also the Land Training Coach. I hope to go into a Behavioural Economics Masters course at the end of this year.


Photo of student rep Lily Marsh

Lily Marsh – BA Economics, Third Year

Hi guys, my name's Lily and I'm a third year BA Economics (L100) student. I'm particularly interested in social issues, behavioural economics and development. I hope to work for the public sector when I graduate, eventually progressing into Development roles. I'd like to think myself as being friendly and supportive, so please feel free to approach me if you have any issues!


Photo of student rep Elspeth S Titley

Elspeth Titley – BSc Economics, Third Year

I’m currently in my third year studying BSc Economics, looking into studying a business related masters or graduate jobs within the civil service. I’m also Social Sec of the University of Sheffield British Red Cross Society and a Postgraduate Mentor. At university I have opted into more micro based modules, such as Labour Economics and Education Economics, as my future aspirations lie within the world of business.