Student Representation

The Department of Economics, and the University of Sheffield as a whole, place great value on the opinions of its students. In the Department of Economics, there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved and have their say, from module evaluations (mid-term and end-of-term) to other general surveys, and very importantly, through student representation.

Student representatives are key facilitators of communication between students and the Department. In fact, the Department and students reps interact and collaborate closely and regularly throughout the year.

The Student Staff Forum (SSF) is a committee bringing together student representatives and academic staff which meets regularly during the academic year. The SSF is student-led and allows students, through their students reps, to suggest ideas, raise any issues and take part in discussions and decision-making about topics such as:

  • student feedback on teaching;
  • potential changes to courses;
  • departmental/school services (e.g. submission arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, employability and personal development activities, etc.);
  • improvements in communication with students.

The list is not exhaustive. Issues raised by students in the SSF are then part of the agenda of the relevant Learning and Teaching Committee meetings. In fact, student representatives (normally the Chair of the Student-Staff Forum) attend and participate in discussions in the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Departmental Staff meetings. In addition, there are Student-Staff Committees at Faculty level as well, where both student representatives and academic staff meet to discuss Faculty-level issues.

Below you can find the contacts and short bios of your student reps for the current academic year. We are pleased to see that there are student reps across all levels and from both single-honours and dual degrees.

Do not hesitate in contacting them in case you want to raise any issues with the Department. Alternatively, email the course representatives at

Student Staff Forum (SSF) Undergraduate Reps 2017/2018

Photo of student Amy Lees

Amy Lees - BSc Economics, Third Year (SSF Chair

Hi, I’m Amy and I am Chair of the Student Staff Forum for this year! I am in my final year of a BSc Economics course, I have completed summer internships with JP Morgan and Gazprom M&T so can give advice on internships. I am interested in a career in banking so my module choices reflect this. I am also a member of SheffSki and was a finalist for the Undergraduate of the Year Award in Maths and Economics. Feel free to approach me with any academic concerns.


Photo of student rep Sandali Buddhipala

Sandali Buddhipala – BSc Economics with Finance, Third Year (Secretary)

Hi, I'm Sandali and I'm a final year studying BSc Economics with Finance. I am currently part of Enactus Sheffield and act as a mentor for postgraduate students. After my degree, I hope to get in to a finance related masters programme and eventually pursue a career as a research analyst.


Photo of student rep Tristan Westlake

Tristan Westlake – BSc Economics with Finance, Second Year (Secretary)

Hi, I’m Tristan, and I’m a second year Economics with Finance student. Given my degree choice it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I want to go into finance after university. Besides economics I love football and travelling, and I’ve lived in 4 countries on 3 different continents. I'm always happy to help with anything so don't hesitate to ask.


First year reps

Photo of Dorothy Hakim

Dorothy Hakim - BA Economics and Politics, First Year

I spend most of my time with my friends, campaigning for mental health, inventing stuff and working on social innovation projects. I’d like to work somewhere that I can give practical advice to customers so that they can change their business to make it more exciting/environmentally friendly/cost efficient. I don’t want a boring job where I am given a set task and told to get on with it! If you ever have any questions, problems with your lecturers or how the course is run, etc, please feel free to message me on Facebook or you can email me. I’m also your Economics Councillor so can, and do, take the really big issues up to the Student Union.


Photo of student Cen Feng

Cen Feng – BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics, First Year

Hi, I'm Cen and I study BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics in year 1. I am an international student from China and I previously studied a foundation year at University of Sheffield International College. I am interested in Microeconomics. Besides that, I like to cook Chinese food, play badminton and go Latin dancing. I also love music and I played keyboard in a music band when I was in high school. If you have any feedback on any issues in the Department of Economics, just feel free to send me an e-mail. I will make your voice heard.


Photo of Dan Austin

Dan Austin - BA Economics, First Year

Hello! My name is Dan, and I am a first year student studying BA Economics. I am an avid sports fan, following football & basketball in particular. An area of Economics which piques my interest is behavioural economics, and how psychological insights can be used to form economic policy.


Photo of student Nkechi Adeboye

Nkechi Adeboye - BA Business Management and Economics, First Year

Hi, I’m Nky and I’m a first year studying BA Business Management and Economics. I lived in five countries growing up so I’m happy to speak to anyone, from any background. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion so make sure to pass on any feedback both positive or negative. If you want to talk about something other than economics, I enjoy running, photography and watching First Dates.


Photo of student Emma Langley

Emma Langley - BSc Economics, First Year

Hi my name is Emma Langley and I’m a first year BSc Economics student here at Sheffield. I have a particular interest in development economics and therefore wish to pursue a career down this path. Outside of my studies I enjoy playing Volleyball for one of the University teams.


Photo of student Edith Gonzalez

Edith Gonzalez - BA Business Management and Economics, First Year

Hi, my name is Edith and I’m from Mexico. I’m in my first year of BA Business Management and Economics and I’m currently one of the Economic Representatives for this academic year (2017-2018). My favourite hobbies are playing tennis and reading books. Even though I just started my course, I completed an Economic Immersion Program at Georgetown University last summer so feel free to approach me with any academic concerns that you might have!


Second year reps

Photo of Joshua Sinclair

Joshua Sinclair - BSc Economics, Second Year

I'm Josh and am a 2nd year BSc Economics student, although last year I studied BSc Economics and Mathematics but swapped courses. I am a member of the University Dodgeball club and I'm planning on doing Camp America this summer. Im not sure what I want to do at the end of my degree, but maybe becoming a Retail buyer or a Film producer, but that could all change in a years time.


Photo of student Harvey Stafford

Harvey Stafford - BSc Economics, Second Year

I am a second year BSc Economics student, studying the optional modules of Applied Macroeconomics and Money, Banking & Finance. I have an interest in Macroeconomics and have the desire to partake in postgraduate study. Outside of academia, I have a great passion for cricket and therefore I am a member of the University’s cricket club.


Photo of student Rosanna Bratch

Rosanna Bratch - BSc Economics, Second Year

Hi I’m Rosie Bratch, a second year BSc Economics student. I’m also the volunteering officer for Bake Soc, and a mentor for the US in Schools Outreach program. I’m super friendly and love to help so feel free to ask me anything!


Photo of student Kudakwashe Kunaka

Kudakwashe Kunaka - BSc Economics, Second Year

Hi, my name is Kuda and I am second year on the BSc Economics program. After graduating, I hope to get a job that positively impacts people's daily lives but until then, I intend to gain as many diverse experiences to enrich my character, lifestyle and perspective. Hopefully through that I will encounter some cool and character-defining moments to make describing myself an effortless task. Meanwhile I have got plenty of time to engage in any conversation.


Photo of student Dennis He

RuiHaoTian (Dennis) He - BA Business Management and Economics, Second Year

Hi, I am currently a second-year student studying Business Management and Economics. I am interested in the service sector and looking at a career in business consulting. I am a member of the Enactus commercial team and also part of the Sheffield Economics and Management Committee. I have many non-academic activities such as badminton and Kpop dancing, I am also able to speak Chinese, so feel free to contact me on any problems you may have.


Photo of student Lucy Fairs

Lucy Fairs - BSc Economics, Second Year

Hi I’m Lucy, I’m currently in my 2nd year BSc Economics and this is my first year as an Economics Course Rep. I am currently looking to do complete a placement in my third year of university and am in the middle of applying to several companies based in London. After university I would love to work in the field of business and financial consulting. Besides economics, I enjoy travelling, food and spending time with friends. As a course rep I am keen to hear student responses and constructive criticism of your economics course and would like to try to make some beneficial changes in the economics department.


Third year Reps

Photo of student Ellen McGrane

Ellen Mcgrane - BA Economics, Third Year

Hi, I’m Ellen and I’m a third year studying BA Economics. This summer I completed a 6-week placement at the Department of Health, which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to return to in the future once I have graduated. I work part-time in a local Café, and I am hoping to continue on at Sheffield next year to complete a masters.


Photo of Daniel Rice 150x150

Daniel Rice - BSc Economics & Year Abroad, Third Year

Hi I’m Dan, and I’m a third year Economics BSc student. Last year I studied abroad at a top university in Australia. I have an avid interest in both sport and music and hope to work abroad once I graduate.


Photo of student William Matupi

William Matupi - BSc Economics & Year in Industry, Third Year

I’m a third year Economics and Politics student. I swim for the university team, and am also the Land Training Coach. I hope to go into a Behavioural Economics Masters course at the end of this year.


Photo of Alia Ibrahim

Alia Ibrahim - BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics, Third Year

Hi, I’m Alia and I'm a third year studying dual honour BA Accounting and Financial Management and Economics. Last summer I did an internship at Finance House in the U.A.E. I'm very interested in Maths and Microeconomics. I'm also the faculty representative and I'm very keen on helping out with problems you might face so don't hesitate to reach out to me!


Photo of student Megan Hood-Deeks

Megan Hood-Deeks - BSc Economics, Third Year

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m a third year Bsc Economics student. I’ve been especially interested in the finance modules and I’m interested in a career in this after graduating. Outside of my degree I’m interested in travelling and enjoy running. If you have any issues with the course or department feel free to come and speak to me!


Photo of student Aderinola Adeleye

Aderinola Adeleye - BA Economics, Third Year

Hi, my name is Aderinola Adeleye I'm in my 3rd year studying BA Economics. My career prospect is to work as an Economist in a large organisation. While being a course representative I am open to ideas and suggestions raised by fellow students.