Student Representation

The Department of Economics, and the University of Sheffield as a whole, place great value on the opinions of its students. In the Department of Economics, there are numerous opportunities for students to get involved and have their say, from module evaluations (mid-term and end-of-term) to other general surveys, and very importantly, through student representation.

Student representatives are key facilitators of communication between students and the Department. In fact, the Department and students reps interact and collaborate closely and regularly throughout the year.

The Student Staff Forum (SSF) is a committee bringing together student representatives and academic staff which meets regularly during the academic year. The SSF is student-led and allows students, through their students reps, to suggest ideas, raise any issues and take part in discussions and decision-making about topics such as:

  • student feedback on teaching;
  • potential changes to courses;
  • departmental/school services (e.g. submission arrangements, office opening times, study facilities, employability and personal development activities, etc.);
  • improvements in communication with students.

The list is not exhaustive. Issues raised by students in the SSF are then part of the agenda of the relevant Learning and Teaching Committee meetings. In fact, student representatives (normally the Chair of the Student-Staff Forum) attend and participate in discussions in the Learning and Teaching Committee and the Departmental Staff meetings. In addition, there are Student-Staff Committees at Faculty level as well, where both student representatives and academic staff meet to discuss Faculty-level issues.

Do not hesitate in contacting them in case you want to raise any issues with the Department. Alternatively, email the course representatives at

Student Staff Forum Committee