EEE videos

There are lots of exciting things happening in our department including lab sessions, student projects, industry placements and cutting edge research . Have a browse amongst our collection of videos to showcase the breadth and range of activities that EEE are involved in.

Our hands on labs

FYGER 2021 - First Year Great Egg Race

FYGER is a long standing competition for first year EEE students although we have moved with the times and now use MIRO robots rather than eggs!

Watch our students in their first ever lab in the Diamond as they try and programme MIRO to follow commands. MIROs respond to block programming but also to sensory commands such as touch and noise which can make things trickier than you think...

What to expect in 2nd Year Labs

Our 1st & 2nd Year students have their lectures and practical lab sessions in the Diamond building.  Dr Adam Funnell who leads the sessions gives a brief overview about the facilities within the Electronics and Control lab that are available for EEE students to use and how these complement the academic theories taught to the students.  

What is a Clean Room?

Dr. Gavin Williams gives a short tour around the Teaching Clean Room in The Diamond which EEE students use throughout their time with us.  The Clean Room recreates the environment that commercial Clean Rooms work in which filters the air to remove dust and particles that can interfere with the tiny technological items, such as circuits used in mobile phones, that are being made in them.

Discover our 'Reverse Engineering' lab

First Year students get hands on in the 'Reverse Engineering' lab.  To help you gain an understanding of what electrical  components make up everyday electronic items such as a printer our students get to take the item apart using screwdrivers and saws.  In this video we see the students getting right down to the silicon chip that powers the printer - find out what they think of this session!

Student project videos

Discover Scalextron!

 For his 3rd year project, Mark took a Scalextric track to the next level by using programming to allow the computer to take control of the car, just like a human.

Project: to design, manufacture and test an underwater remotely operated vehicle

Team Avalon consisted of four final year students who, for their final year project, chose to build a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to compete in the 2020 Marine and Technology Education competition in the United States.    

Meet the Collinear Mecanum Drive novel robot

Created by PhD student Matt, this robot is similar to a Segway but also enable omnidirectional movement which means it can move anywhere it wants to in a room regardless of its starting position.

Discover the research we do

Improving the energy efficiency of the 5G network

 Dr. Stephen Henthorne from our Communications research group discusses how their research can make the 5G communications network more energy efficient and therefore better for the environment.

Ptychography - a way of seeing very small things

Developed by Professor Rodenburg FRS at the University of Sheffield, this novel application of microscopy produces superior images removing the need for lenses.

How a big battery can provide reliable energy from renewable sources

Professor Dan Gladwin and Shahab Nejad reveal the inner workings of a big battery, aka the 'magic box'.  Find out how this battery helps the UK to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by providing fast and reliable electricity from renewable resources.

Watch some mini lectures

Harnessing solar energy

Did you know that the total power from the sun received by the Earth in one hour is enough to power the Earth for a year?  Professor John David delivers a mini lecture about how solar cells are designed to use the sun's energy to power the nation.  

Taster lecture - Electronics and Computer Engineering

Computers are a part of life now, but did you know the importance of Electronics in the advancement of computers?  Dr Tiantai Deng, Lecturer in Electronics and Digital Systems, delivers a mini lecture taking you through the history of the computer, the role of electronics (vs computer science) and the job opportunities for Electronics and Computer engineering graduates. 

Introduction to diffraction of light, X-rays and electrons

Dr Thomas Walther delivers an introduction into the diffraction of light, X-rays and electrons as used in the field of Microscopy. His research focuses on electron microscopy as a fundamental tool to measure chemical changes at the interfaces between different materials with atomic resolution. This can produce fantastic images that directly show where the atoms are located!

From our students' perspective

Discover a day in the life of a EEE student

Tom was in his 3rd Year of his MEng Electronic Engineering with a Year in Industry degree when he agreed to be followed around by a camera for a day. Find out what he got up to by watching this video. 

What to expect from a Year in Industry

Listen to Anoushka's podcast as she shares her experience of gaining a year's placement with Siemens Gamesa which she secured by being part of the winning team at the 2019 Sir William Siemens Hackathon.  She shares her journey so far and her experiences with Louise, a member of the Faculty of Engineering's dedicated Year in Industry team.

Find out EEE helps to improve the world around us

How do you make a battery?

This animation shows how many engineering disciplines are involved with the making and use of a battery.  Research from Materials Science, Chemical and Biological Engineering, EEE and Automatic Control and Systems Engineering makes current battery technology possible. 

How can a degree in EEE help the world?

Explore how Electrical and Electronic Engineers help improve the world around us and how you can be part of this by choosing to study at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering.