Two EEE undergraduates win prestigious IET Future Talent Awards scholarship

MEng students Wilfred and Kacper reflect on applying for the award, and attending an exciting awards ceremony at the IET’s Savoy Place in London

Photograph and Wilfred and Kacper holding certificates at the IET Future Talent Awards Scholarships ceremony
Photo courtesy of the IET: Wilfred (left) and Kacper (right) holding certificates at the IET Future Talent Awards Scholarships ceremony

In December 2022, two undergraduate students from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield were chosen by the IET for their Future Talent Awards. The scholarship they receive as a result of being selected is awarded to high achieving students, and provides recipients with many different opportunities to get involved with the IET community and further their career ahead of and beyond graduation. More can be found out about the IET's Boost Scholarship on their website. Below, the recipients Wilfred Yates (MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and Kacper Sikorski (MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering) reflect on the experience of applying for the award, and attending the exciting awards ceremony at the IET’s Savoy Place in London.


In 2019 I was selected for the IET Horizons bursary scheme in the first year of university. The support from the IET was fundamental to my personal development throughout my student life and provided fantastic opportunities to join IET networking events. I also was fortunate to receive a placement with my sponsor company, where I worked in London on HS2 for three months.

So, when I heard that a new Boost scholarship was available from the IET for high achieving students, I was particularly keen to continue my involvement. After applying, I was happy to hear that I had been accepted for the scholarship!

I talked with my friend and coursemate Kacper who had also received the scholarship, we realised we could plan development opportunities together, which was exciting. The IET strongly encourages scholarship holders to be involved within the IET community, such as through getting involved in volunteering events such at the IET Faraday Challenge days which inspire young people to pursue a career in stem. The more involved you get with the IET, the more you get out of the scholarship, including exclusive member events and personal mentoring.


It was one of December's long days, just before Christmas when the IET message popped up in my email inbox. Being informed of the outcome so early was quite a surprise to me! After finding out I was offered a Future Talent Awards scholarship, I felt truly content. It is my first time receiving such an award, so it is a very rewarding feeling - an excellent Christmas gift, I thought!

Immediately after discovering my application’s outcome, I called Wilf as I knew he had also applied. I was delighted to discover that he had also received an offer!

Photograph taken at the IET Future Talent Awards of IET Chief Executive and Secretary speaking to attendees
Photo courtesy of the IET: IET Chief Executive and Secretary speaking to attendees at the awards ceremony


The IET pulled out all the stops at the awards ceremony for this year's scholarship! Hosted in the IET’s Savoy Place, the building rubs shoulders with the Savoy hotel and overlooks the Thames and the best of London’s landmarks making it a great spot for photos.

A warm welcome and opening words from those within the IET kicked-off the event. Award Manager- Tanya spencer, Vice president – Sam Hubbard and Chief Executive – Ed Almond. For the first hour, we networked with fellow scholarship holders, a great chance to meet some friendly faces and get acquainted, which was important as we’d all meet again later!

We then had three insightful workshop sessions, including effective communication and time management. Before dinner, comedian Aurie Styla hosted some interesting talks from IET members and past scholarship holders!

We then had time to network and chat with scholarship holders, IET staff members and donor companies. The drinks were flowing, but Kacper and I were mainly focussed on making some friends and LinkedIn connections, and getting some great photos together!

We met many like-minded and inspiring individuals that we’ll stay in touch with and see again at future IET networking events. The whole day was perfectly organised, and it was a real privilege not only to be awarded the scholarship but also to have such an enjoyable event hosted for our benefit.


It was a lovely sunny day in London and the IET Savoy Place by the River Thames looked absolutely stunning! The organisers prepared many attractions. Apart from welcomes from Award Manager - Tanya Spencer, Vice President - Sam Hubbard and Chief Executive - Ed Almond, there were workshops about efficient time management and effective communications.

The day was closed by an evening celebration event hosted by comedian Aurie Styla. During the day, I enjoyed the networking opportunities the most. I met other scholars, IET staff members, donors and many more. I discovered more about the IET’s professional development and volunteering opportunities. I can say it was a truly remarkable day. Even though there was more than enough food provided, I left the event feeling hungry, along with Wilf, as we were so busy getting to know as many attendees as possible and therefore we forgot to taste all the refreshments provided! The people I met were all like-minded and inspirational, and I am honoured to be a member of the IET community!

Photograph taking of attendees networking on the balcony at the IET Future Talent Awards
Photo courtesy of the IET: Attendees networking on the balcony overlooking a stunning view of the river Thames at the IET Future Talent Awards

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