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DegreesforCareers275Fast-paced technological change and globalisation mean that all organisations are placing more and more emphasis on the value of information. This means that there is a growing need for information professionals and data scientists .

Our students develop the skills and knowledge that today's workplace needs. We encourage our students to undertake dissertation projects with external organisations and they often deal directly with contemporary issues of practice in industry. Our courses have been developed in close liaison with the relevant professional bodies and most are fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

For individuals who are already in employment, we offer a range of exciting professional enhancement programmes that relate closely to professional practice. Some of our courses can also be taken as Postgraduate Certificates or Postgraduate Diplomas and on a full- or part-time basis.

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Data Science MSc

This course gives students the knowledge and techniques they need to analyse, manage large data sets and lead informed business decision making. Data science and big data are growing career areas. This course prepares students for a career in analysing and interpreting large data sets in order to influence business decisions and strategy.

Applications to this course are assessed using our staged admissions process - find out more here.

Health Informatics MSc

This course is currently closed to new applications.

This is a distance learning course which is tailored to the needs of professionals and will strengthen their knowledge of the fast growing health informatics field. The course is run jointly with the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR). It is ideal for health care professionals who currently work in the field of information or informatics in a healthcare context, or who are involved in knowledge, information or data management as part of their roles.

Information Management MSc

The Information Management MSc will equip students with the knowledge that they need for a career in the diverse profession of information management. It focuses on data, information and knowledge management within organisational and networked contexts. Management of diverse forms of information is increasingly important in business today and this course will help prepare students for a wide range of career options within information, knowledge and data management.

Applications to this course are assessed using our staged admissions process - find out more here.

Information Systems MSc

Including specialist modules from the Department of Computer Science, this course equips students with skills to enter the IT profession and combines information systems development with computer programming and technical skills. The course will provide students with rounded knowledge of information systems, modelling, programming, project management and technical skills.

Applications to this course are assessed using our staged admissions process - find out more here.

Information Systems Management MSc The Information Systems Management MSc is run jointly with the triple crown-accredited Management School. This course allows students to combine the study of information systems with strategic, people and supply chain management, to enable them to inform business structures and processes. The course prepares students for a management career while also developing skills in information systems and increasing their awareness of the important role that systems play in organisational infrastructures.
Librarianship MA The Librarianship MA is designed to equip students with the skills that they need to enter the library and information profession or to progress in their existing library and information careers. With an increase in the volume of digital information which is now available, students are also able to study modules that will equip them with the skills in this area. The latest developments in the information world as well as well-established core skills are covered in the course.
Library and Information Services Management MA This distance learning course is aimed at individuals with the ambition to work in the library and information management profession and at people who are currently working in the profession and want to progress in their careers. We focus upon experiential learning in the course: we encourage students to reflect on their work experience during their studies and to apply what they learn in their working life.
Multilingual Information Management MA

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This course prepares students for a career in managing information within team across different localities, cultures and in different languages. Delivered with the School of Languages and Cultures, the course prepares students to work internationally by developing skills in areas that modern international employers look for: modern languages, communication, information management and information literacy.

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Pathway Programmes

Our International College provides international students with pathway programmes for progression to degree study at the University.