Information Systems Management - Student Profiles

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Bhavin Malkan, Functional Business Consultant, Columbus Global

Since I graduated I immediately found a job and I have been working for a global company implementing an ERP solution (Microsoft Dynamics AX) and working on functional areas of a project lifecycle. I have been involved with large name clients and have been involved in project sizes of just myself leading a project to a group of multinational colleagues. I use a lot of my aspects from my degree in my job. As I am a finance functional consultant I use my Accounting and Finance undergraduate knowledge of accounting concepts and combine it with modules from the Information School such as Information Systems Modelling to gather requirements for business, and document and map processes. The Information Systems Project Management module has given me the commercial awareness I need when I am working on projects in terms of time management as well as liaising with different stakeholders of a project. I would say my degree is crucial in the job that I am doing and is why I was able to make an entry into this field quite late in my career changing from accounting to consultancy – even though I had no experience companies took me on because I had the knowledge developed from my degree.