Local school students at the Senior Team Maths Challenge

Working with schools

We are committed to sharing our passion and enthusiasm for mathematics with the local community and the wider world. Here in the School, many of us can trace our mathematical journey back to an intriguing puzzle, a brilliant teacher, or the simple encouragement to ask "why?" and "what if?". Maths is an endlessly fascinating, inspiring, and profound subject, with myriad uses in the modern world. We hope we can have the chance to share the joys of our subject with you.

Many of us are engaged in public education, schools and outreach projects. Some of these projects are described below. For more information about these projects, or if you would like us to get involved with activities for your school or group, please contact Dr James Cranch (j.d.cranch@sheffield.ac.uk).

Maths Academy

The Maths Academy is open to all local A Level maths students who are looking for a new challenge. Come and stimulate your mathematical imagination! Our weekly classes, led by practicing mathematicians, will change your perception of mathematics, and expand your mind. The Academy is for anyone who enjoys learning for its own sake. We promise, there'll be no exams here.

During the 2016-17 academic year, the Maths Academy is offering two opportunities:

  • A mind-expanding interactive lecture series for Year 12 & 13 students, led by our mathematicians, weekly (starting in early November)
  • The opportunity to have your school visited by some Sheffield mathematicians

For more information and registration, contact Dr Fionntan Roukema (f.roukema@sheffield.ac.uk), or visit the Maths Academy website.

Maths Academy

FunMaths Roadshow

The FunMaths Roadshow is a collection of fun mathematical activities suitable for use with school pupils. The activities and props were developed at the University of Liverpool and we have the equipment to run a selection of these activities in Sheffield.

FunMaths Roadshow (the University of Liverpool)

Maths challenge

Maths on YouTube

On our Mathsters channel, you can watch ten minute lectures on lots of maths topics various subjects, aimed at A Level students or first year undergraduates.

The Mathsters with Dr Eugenia Cheng

Further Mathematics Support Programme Courses

STEP preparation classes

These classes provide a systematic introduction to the advanced problem solving skills required for Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP), which are exams used by some universities to assess applicants for undergraduate mathematics courses. This course is free and open to A Level mathematics students holding university offers who can demonstrate the necessary commitment. Weekly sessions, 4pm-6pm, starting January – find out more.

Advanced mathematics problem solving courses

Year 12: Fortnightly, 4.30pm to 6pm –  find out more.

Year 13: September to November – find out more.

For enquiries, or to book a place, please email somas-outreach@sheffield.ac.uk.

About our sixth form mathematics courses

Public lectures and talks for schools

Many members of our staff give non-specialist lectures on a wide range of topics in mathematics and statistics. Below are some recent examples.

  • 'The Sun: The star on our doorstep' by Dr Rekha Jain
  • 'YmathematiX?' by Dr Roger Webster
  • 'Logic vs illogic: why mathematics is easy and life is hard' by Dr Eugenia Cheng
  • 'Infinity' by Dr Paul Mitchener
  • 'Codes' by Dr Frazer Jarvis