Professor Stuart Wilson - new Roper Chair in Genetics

Announcement from Professor Mike Williamson, Head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology:

Prof Stuart Wilson thumb"I am delighted to announce that the new Roper Chair in Genetics is Professor Stuart Wilson. The inaugural Roper Chair in Genetics was Professor Pete Sudbery, who held the post until his retirement in March 2019. Pete did a fantastic job of acting ‘as an ambassador’ for Genetics (as the role is described) and has brought great credit to the Chair and to Genetics at Sheffield.

"The Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Sheffield confers several named Chairs, to honour individuals prominent in the different academic areas of the Department. One of these is the Roper Chair in Genetics, named after Professor Alan Roper, the first Chair of Genetics at Sheffield, and distinguished for showing that genes had a finite length that could be mapped, and were not indivisible units arranged in a string. He also developed the parasexual cycle, which allowed genetic analysis in the absence of sex.

"Stuart joined the department in 2003 from what was then UMIST and is now part of the University of Manchester. He has enjoyed a successful research career, mainly on mRNA export and processing, with considerable grant income, and high profile papers including Nature, Science, PNAS, EMBO J, and most recently Molecular Cell.

"He established and coordinates SInFoNiA (the Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids), which now comprises roughly 30 PIs in three faculties, and promotes and supports research into gene expression, genome stability and nucleic acid chemical biology. SInFoNiA has been the vehicle to bring in new genetics staff into the department (including Dan Bose and Emma Thomson) which has strengthened the role of genetics within the department, both in teaching and research. S

"Stuart has been very active in supporting junior staff, including Ian Sudbery, whose combination of bioinformatics and lab skills is a strength of our genetics group. Stuart also is one of the two Sheffield leads in the organisation of the BBSRC White Rose Mechanistic Biology DTP, which plays a key role in funding PhD studentships within the Department. He is a worthy person to be taking over this significant role."