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Your degree in Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology or Molecular Biology puts you at the heart of the discoveries we are making in the molecular biosciences. The world-leading academics who teach our courses are here to help equip you for careers in areas that include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medicine, agrochemicals, food and genetics.

Each of our degrees comes with a range of options when you apply and you can specialise more and more as your studies progress, or change between courses if you find your academic interests pulling you in other directions. All of our students get hands-on laboratory experience and you can build significantly on this if you opt for one of our four year MBiolSci courses. The MBiolSci courses have the option to carry out the entire year in industry. Alternatively, you can do a degree With employment experience, by working in industry for a year between years 2 and 3.

Your course

The molecular biosciences are all about understanding how cells work and applying that knowledge to solve real world problems. When you study here, you will learn and practise the modern scientific techniques that are used to treat disease and create new technologies based on fundamental biological and chemical principles. What's more, you'll do this in facilities that have recently had a £39m refurbishment.

Our undergraduate teaching goes hand-in-hand with our research: as a student, you are taught in lectures, seminars and one-to-one tutorials by working scientists who are amongst the top experts in their fields. In turn, you get to play a part in our world-leading research through the lab-based practical classes you attend. You can do your own research for your practical project in your third year, or do a project based around business, journalism or teaching.

Most of our courses can be combined with one another, or can be taken with a focus on the medical applications of molecular bioscience. Your research skills can be enhanced further if you decide to do one of our four year MBiolSci courses. Flexibility, however, is key: our degrees have a common first year, so switching is easy if you discover that you have interests outside the course you are enrolled on.

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Your degree

One of the benefits of having such a flexible course is that your degree can open up a range of career opportunities in biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and molecular cell biology. Lots of our graduates are now putting their knowledge of the molecular biosciences into practice, in research labs and industry, and we have a great record of our students entering work or further study shortly after they leave us.

The fact that you get so much laboratory experience on our courses means that you will finish your degree with the skills a professional scientist needs. This has helped our graduates secure jobs in pharmaceutical companies, healthcare bodies and research labs. Others work in business, journalism and teaching, having gained a wealth of valuable experience of these areas during their practical projects.

You can also – as many of our graduates do – stay with MBB to pursue your own academic interests. We currently offer an MSc in Human and Molecular Genetics, as well as places for students to do a three-to-four year piece of research to get a PhD or a two year MPhil research degree. Then you'll work even more closely with our world-class academics.

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