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Research ethics

Any research undertaken within the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology that involves human participants either directly (eg, interview, questionnaires) and/or indirectly (eg, through participants providing access to their data, personal or organisational) has to be ethically reviewed via the University's ethics review procedure. This does not include research that involves the NHS (staff, patients, or carers) in which case the NHS ethics review procedures apply. The Department adheres to the guidelines set out by the University of Sheffield Research Ethics Committee.

When conducting research involving human participants it is important that the researcher is aware of any possible ethical issues in carrying out the research and that steps have been taken to ensure that best practice is followed. Please note that all such research undertaken within the Department including funded and non-funded staff research, PhD work and undergraduate projects is covered by these procedures.

Guidance on applying for ethical approval is available at:

Postgraduate (PGR) students and staff are expected to apply for ethical approval using the University of Sheffield's online system:

Ethics Application System

Key contacts

The Department's Principal Ethics Contact and Administrator, Dr Lynda Partridge (, can advise on the information to be included in ethical approval forms and she will be responsible for the review process once the application has been submitted.