Dr Roy Chaudhuri

Tel: 0114 222 2837


My research interests are primarily in the area of bacterial genomics.

Current research topics include:

Comparative genomics and phylogenetics of bacterial pathogens, particularly E. coli and Salmonella
Use of transposon insertion sequencing methods (TraDIS/TnSeq/HITS/InSeq) to identify essential bacterial genes and genes important for survival in particular environments such as during infection of a model system
Development of user-friendly software tools and online resources for exploring data from -omics technologies. Examples include coliBASE, Xbase and the recently-funded MicrobesNG.


Module Coordinator: MBB344 Genomic Science

Level 3 Modules

MBB339 Evolutionary Genetics
MBB344 Genomic Science
MBB360 Project
MBB363 Genetics Data Handling

Level 2 Modules

MBB267 Genes, Genomes and Chromosomes

Level 1 Modules

MBB165 Practical Molecular Bioscience 1

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