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Masters courses

Our taught masters programmes provide a great foundation for further research or a career in psychology. You can develop your understanding of the human brain through lectures and lab work, give your psychology research skills a major boost or take an interdisciplinary approach to studying the the mind. 

MSc Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience

On this 12 month course, students from life sciences, physical sciences or mathematics backgrounds can explore the relationship between brain function and the mechanisms that underpin human behaviour.

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Human

This course is partly hosted by the Department of Neuroscience to give you even more research experience with a 17 week lab-based project. You can choose from two pathways to focus on what most interests you.

MSc Psychological Research Methods

This course teaches the core skills that professional psychology researchers need, with the chance to focus on the tools and techniques that can help you to progress down your chosen career path.

MSc Psychological Research Methods
with Advanced Statistics

This course is designed to teach you a broad range of psychology research techniques, plus the advanced quantitative knowledge that is central to many emerging employment sectors.

MSc Systems Neuroscience

Our 12 month MSc Systems Neuroscience course has been designed to provide you with interdisciplinary training in cutting-edge approaches to understanding how brain cells interact in networks to contribute to function and behaviour, setting you up for an exciting career in neuroscience or further study.

MA Cognitive Studies

via Philosophy

This degree unites psychology with philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, computer science and anthropology to show how the mind works.

MSc Science Communication

This course is taught by world-leading scientists and media practitioners. Our internationally recognised expertise, state-of-the-art media facilities and professional experience in Fleet Street and the BBC can provide you with unparalleled support.