Prospective taught postgraduates: Careers

Studying China, Japan or Korea prepares our students for a career in the world's most dynamic region. Strong economic growth in China, the globalisation of the Japanese economy and the possible future reunification of the Korean peninsula offer massive potential opportunities for people with skills in Asian languages and cultures.

The School has its own Careers Officer who is there to offer specialist advice on careers, internships, work experience and CV building throughout your degree. We also organise regular talks by alumni to provide inspiration and first-hand experience of the graduate job market, and invite companies working with East Asia (many of which recruit from the School year after year) to give presentations on their sector.

Where will your degree take you?

Over the past forty years, SEAS graduates have entered a variety of exciting and rewarding careers to become city brokers and accountants, chief executives and company directors, business analysts and marketing specialists, journalists and television producers, university professors and school teachers, museum curators and event planners, government advisors and NGO professionals, interpreters and translators, to name but a few.

PG Graduate Destinations

Following graduation, some students have chosen to go on to do a PhD in the UK, specialising in subjects as diverse as media, economics, literature and politics. Others have returned to their country of study to follow further advanced level postgraduate courses, often subsidised by prestigious international scholarships from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Japan Foundation or the Korea Foundation.

Careers of recent graduates in focus

Duncan Levesley (MA in Chinese Language, Business and International Relations)

Duncan has been involved in the Chinese business world ever since leaving Sheffield. From translation and research to business advice, he uses the wide variety of transferable skills gained through his degree (now renamed MA in Chinese Studies) on a daily basis. See his video for more information.

Ed Baker, Stuart Coyle, Kshitij Kumar, Alyn Watkins and Mark Hedley (various)

Co-founded by a graduate of the SEAS Japanese Studies programme, Intralink is a company that provides market access and business development services to UK, US and European companies targeting Japan, China and Korea. The company has employed no fewer than 5 of our recent postgraduates – Ed, Stuart, Kshitij, Alyn and Mark. For more information about them and their work please see:

SEAS Newsletter Dec 2009, pp.12-13

Claudia Albertini (MA in Advanced Chinese Studies, 2004)

Following graduation, Claudia headed out to Beijing to begin working at 798 Space, the leading
venue for the contemporary arts in China. She is now Curator at the Marella Gallery in Beijing. For more information about her time at 798 please see:

SEAS Newsletter Dec 2006, p13

Mark Boyle and Adrian Thomas (MA in Advanced Japanese Studies, 2004)

Following graduation, the two classmates went their separate ways – Mark joined Hokkaido Shimbun as London Bureau Correspondent and Adrian went to work at the Japanese Embassy in London – but their work brought them together again at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles. For more information about Mark and Adrian please see:

SEAS Newsletter Dec 2005, pp.8-9

Samuel Beatson

A graduate of the MSc in Chinese Language, Business & International Relations (2007), Sam is a proprietary Spot FX trader with his own company "Sam Beatson Enterprises". Using this experience he is working towards a PhD looking at foreign investment in the Chinese stock market. For more information on what prompted Sam to pursue postgraduate study, please see:

SEAS Newsletter January 2011, p.7

Jennifer Butler (MA in Japanese Studies)

Jennifer is now a Program Coordinator in the Cultural Affairs Division of the Consulate-General of Japan in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work relates heavily to many of the skills she learned while in SEAS.

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