Environmental issues

At the University of Sheffield we are committed to managing our environmental impact at all levels.

Our teams in the Department of Estates and Facilities Management oversee initiatives to manage and reduce the impacts of our energy use, water use, transport, recycling and waste.

The University is somewhere where everyone plays a part in our environmental goals. The Green Impact scheme means that all around the University we have groups of staff dedicated to making environmental change in their workplace. Many students are also involved in this scheme, for example via the Student Switch Off at residences.

Examples of current good practice include:

  • Recycling schemes for mixed recycling, electrical equipment, print cartridges, batteries and mobile phones. Our general waste is also sent to a facility for recycling and recovery to ensure nothing is missed.
  • An Integrated Travel Plan and promotion of sustainable travel through public transport discounts and facilities and support for cyclists.
  • Satisfying the majority of the University's electricity needs from sustainable sources, both through a green tariff and through on-site renewables such as the Sheffield Solar Farm and our wind turbine at the AMRC.
  • Over 50 department teams taking part in Green Impact.

Of course there is always more to be done, and the University's senior management are working with Environmental Champions and Green Impact leads, the Students' Union, our residences and partner organisations within the city on other innovations to safeguard and enhance the environment.

Reducing our carbon emissions, encouraging sustainability, and doing world-leading research

Our take on corporate social responsibility is straightforward: we're trying to make things better.

Because we care about our community and the world, we try to operate in a sustainable way, minimising our impact on the environment. We stand up for equality and diversity. If we think carefully about the social and economic impact of our work, we know we can make a difference.

Our website for staff, My Sustainable Campus, highlights initiatives across the University and what our researchers are doing to make an impact.

My Sustainable Campus