Scurfield Memorial Bursary

Image of Gordon and Ralph Scurfield

The Scurfield Memorial Bursary was set up in 1997 by the Scurfield family in memory of Gordon and Ralph Scurfield. It was intended originally for PhD students to undertake a piece of overseas research outside the normal scope of their PhD. Recently we have widened the eligibility criteria to include undergraduate students and for the research to be undertaken either in the UK or overseas. The bursary is in the range of £300-£600.

This is a tremendous opportunity to gain valuable experience via fieldwork.

Applications are welcomed from undergraduate or postgraduate students who have an interesting idea for a research project in the areas of Botany, Ecology or Environmental Science either in the UK or abroad. Applications should be sent to Jennie Stevens, giving details of the project, including costs involved and amount of funds being requested, and why you think this research is important. The deadline for submitting applications is 1st March.

The applications will be considered by the Scurfield Memorial Bursary Committee and applicants will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible. The committee will be considering the following questions when evaluating proposals:

  • Is sufficient background provided to evaluate the scientific merit of the proposal?
  • Does the proposal contain clear aims and a set of objectives or questions?
  • Is the project feasible with the resources requested?
  • If the bursary will be used to cover only part of the total research costs, have other sources been identified?

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report after the research has been completed. The reports will be sent on to the Scurfield family, and used in future promotion of the Bursary.

Bursary Reports

Emily Glendenning 2014

Luke Nelson 2014

Conor Waldock 2014

Jason Griffiths 2014