Dr Jill Edmondson

Dr Jill Edmondson

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 0074

Email: j.edmondson@sheffield.ac.uk

Room D210, Alfred Denny Building


BSc University of Sheffield (2000)

MSc Sheffield Hallam University (2000-2002)

Marine GIS Officer - Countryside Council for Wales (2001-2003)

PhD Manchester Metropolitan University (2003-2007)

EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Associate (2007-2015)

NERC Researcher Co-investigator (2015-2016)

EPSRC Early Career 'Living with Environmental Change Challenge' Fellow (2016-present)

Key Research Interests

Jill Edmondson research

I am an ecologist and a soil scientist. My research focuses on the interactions between soils and the provision on ecosystem services in urban and agricultural ecosystems, this includes:

  • Soil and vegetation carbon budgeting
  • The potential for own-grown food and biofuel production in urban areas, and urban/agricultural land-use trade-offs
  • The mechanisms driving soil-to-own-grown food crop transfer of soil pollutants
  • The mechanisms driving soil carbon storage in urban areas - the importance of black carbon
  • Engaging the public, through the use of citizen science methodologies, and policy-makers with scientific research