We're trying to make things better. BeCause it matters.

What is BeCause?

Our take on corporate social responsibility is straightforward: we're trying to make things better.

Because we care about our community and the world, we try to operate in a sustainable way, minimising our impact on the environment. We stand up for equality and diversity. If we think carefully about the social and economic impact of our work, we know we can make a difference.

Find out more about BeCause or explore some of our current projects below.

Latest initiative:
Carry on switching off and making ethical choices

BeCause we should continue and celebrate our good work!

The BeCause Showcase - a free celebration event of all our BeCause work- was well attended by University of Sheffield staff and students, with many inspiring presentations. It included a call to action for all of us to make energy-saving behaviour (such as the Arts Tower Blackout) the social norm at this University.

There was also praise for the achievements of Green Impact teams. Share in the success- Get involved in Green Impact this time around!


We're proud to be at the heart of the community here in Sheffield. Find out about some of the local events and organisations we're involved with.

Community projects

Bike parkEnvironment

Right across the University we're working hard to be greener. Our initiatives are already saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions. What can you do to help?

Caring for the environment


Every year our students' fundraising activities bring in thousands of pounds for many good causes. Discover how they do it – and who benefits.

Fundraising efforts


The University's brightest academic minds are using their ingenuity to improve the world. From sustainable energy to innovations in healthcare, it's work with a global impact.

Research that matters;

BeCause frontpage students photoLearning and Teaching

Across faculties and disciplines, we give Sheffield students the tools to be active global citizens, ready to tackle the complex challenges of a sustainable future.

The skills to make a difference

BeCause- we're trying to make things better.