Macroeconomics, finance and development

A number of people are involved in these areas and there are also many synergies with our other work on the economics of the firm and labour and education economics.

There are a number of staff carrying out research in macro, finance and international economics led by Professor Christoph Thoenissen.

Research in this area includes:

Macroeconomics, finance and international economics

  • Comparative National Economic Institutions
  • Credit market imperfections
  • Dynamics of long run output growth and economic policy
  • Economic Growth in Open Economies
  • Economic Globalisation and its Policy Consequences
  • Economic growth and labour market institutions
  • Economics of transition, state intervention and development
  • Exchange rates and trade flows
  • Firm investment, cash holdings and macroeconomic uncertainty
  • Household indebtedness
  • Inflation and price dynamics
  • Monetary policy transmission; Credit channel; Trade credit channel

Development economics

  • inequality and poverty
  • particularly rural poverty
  • labour markets
  • globalization
  • foreign aid
  • microfinance
  • health and development