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The group is interested in all aspects of modern macroeconomics, both applied and theoretical. The group organises an annual workshop. Meetings focus on ideas for new research and working towards grant applications.

Research group leader

Christoph Thoenissen

Academic staff

Bingsong WangJonathan Perraton

Juan Paez-Farrell

Kostas MouratidisMallory Yeromonahos

Vito Polito

PhD Students

Michail Litainas

Tingli Shen

Representative publications

Bingsong Wang, ‘The fundamental surplus revisited’, Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming.

Ellington, M., Martin C. and Bingsong Wang, Revisiting real wage rigidityJournal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Görtz, C., and Mallory Yeromonahos (2022). Asymmetries in risk premia, macroeconomic uncertainty and business cyclesJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control137, 104330.

Ilori, A, Juan Paez-Farrell and Christoph Thoenissen (2022). Fiscal policy shocks and international spilloversEuropean Economic Review, vol.141,103969.

Long IW and Vito Polito (2022). Job Search, Unemployment Protection and Informal Work. Oxford Economic Papers, 74, 4, 1110-1138.

Chisiridis, K. Konstantinos Mouratidis. and Panagiotidis, T. (2021). The North-South Divide, the Euro and the WorldJournal of International Money and Finance, vol 121, 102516.

Montagnoli, A. Konstantinos Mouratidis. and K. Whyte (2021). Assessing the Cyclical Behaviour of Bank Capital Buffers in a Finance-augmented Macro-EconomyJournal of International Money and Finance, vol. 10, 102256.

Heer B, Vito Polito, Wickens MR (2020). Population Aging, Social Security and Fiscal LimitsJournal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 116.

Bodenstein, M., Kamber, G. and Christoph Thoenissen (2018). Commodity prices and labour market dynamics in small open economiesJournal of International Economics, vol. 115, pp. 170 - 184.

Kamber, G., Theodoridis, K. and Christoph Thoenissen (2017). News-driven business cycles in open economiesJournal of International Economics, vol. 105, pp. 77 - 89.

Recent events

Sheffield Workshop in Macroeconomics (SWIM)

Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.