Electronic and Electrical Engineering Professor appointed Honorary Professorship

Professor Timothy O’Farrell has recently been honoured by Amity University in India with an Honorary Professorship

Photograph of Professor Tim O'Farrell with certification of his Honorary Professorship with Amity University in India
Professor Tim O'Farrell with certification of his Honorary Professorship with Amity University in India

On the 11th March, 2022, Professor O’Farrell from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield was appointed as an Honorary Professor within the School of Engineering and Technology at Amity University. 

Last week, Professor O’Farrell received the official certificate granting professorship. When asked what this title means to him, the Department, and the University, Professor O’Farrell said:

I’m extremely delighted to receive this recognition from Amity University. It provides a huge opportunity to expand our respective research activities in wireless communications bringing UK and Indian researchers together to address important societal challenges. This Honorary Professorship will enable my Department and University to grow an important academic relationship with one of India’s highest ranked universities. 

Professor Timothy O'Farrell

Chair in Wireless Communication at the University of Sheffield and Honorary Professor at Amity University 

Professor Timothy O’Farrell is the Chair in Wireless Communication at the University of Sheffield. His work focuses on wireless communication systems, and he carries out pioneering research on mobile radio systems. It is his expertise in these valued fields that has led to his recognition by Amity University. 

Amity University is a highly ranked private university in India, based in Delhi. Throughout his Honorary Professorship, Professor O’Farrell will be working with his contemporary at the institution, Dr. Malay Ranjan Tripathy. Together, the academics will create workshops and projects where their respective MSc groups can come together. In his Honorary Professorship role, Professor O’Farrell will contribute remotely to the supervision of MSc students at Amity and participating in talks at various workshops and conferences.

A photograph of Amity University in India
Main campus of Amity University in Noida, Uttar Pradesh Photograph source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amity_University,_Noida#/media/File:Amity_University_E_Block.JPG

This Professorship comes in addition to other positions of note for Professor O’Farrell in recent years, including membership of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports’ College of Experts, granted earlier in 2022.

This professorship is the first appointment from Amity University to a Professor at the University of Sheffield. The three-year Honorary Professorship signifies that Professor O’Farrell is seen as a member of Amity University, and as a part of the community there. He hopes to visit in the coming year to build a working relationship with the institution, one which students both at Amity and at Sheffield will benefit from. 

Currently, Professor O’Farrell’s work as Honorary Professor is focussed on the creation of a potential university exchange, where students and staff from Sheffield can experience teaching and learning at Amity University, and vice versa, in order to learn from each other and work on new ideas. This exchange could include engaging workshops in technical areas, building up to potential joint projects. He foresees this exchange working as an underpinning collaboration between two strong universities, carrying out research on a global scale. 

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