Research area: Technology

Our research covers a vast area of different technologies ranging from nanotechnology to thermal imaging.

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Featured projects

Here are a few of our current Technology-themed research projects.

The Centre for GaN Materials and Devices

The centre’s research on III-nitride semiconductor devices includes nanophotonics, electronics, hybrid III-nitride/polymer optoelectronics, on-chip integration of photonics and electronics, solar energy devices and micro-LEDs.

Infrared Space Image Sensors

Funded by EU H2020 programme, SWIRup consortium is developing SWIR (wavelengths up to 2.5 μm) image sensors that do not require cryogenic cooling.

Searching for New Biomarkers of Atopic Dermatitis

The development of new objective biomarkers to allow the effectiveness and possible adverse effects of new treatments to be monitored.

Thermal Wound Imaging

To investigate if thermal imaging can offer a new and more effective SSI diagnostic tool to medical professionals.