Our graduates

Our students have a great time at Sheffield, and they go on to do great things. Your undergraduate degree can take you wherever you want to go. After graduating there will be a range of options available to you - both in the UK and abroad.

Click on the names below to find out how some of our graduates spent their time at Sheffield, and what they have been doing since they finished their degrees.

You can also read more about what our students think during their BA on our student profiles webpage.

"The main piece of advice that I would give to current students is to get as much quality experience as they possibly can."

"About a month before graduation, I was offered a job at the International Office of the University of Warwick, which was great news! I started my job a week after I graduated."

"Sheffield offered the complete package - a department of top academics, both in research and teaching, a fantastically friendly and surprisingly green city, and a university with a great reputation for delivering the full student experience."

"There is no doubt in my mind that studying history at Sheffield  provided a great foundation for what I have gone on to do in my life."

"I came to the city and thought it was a fantastic place to be. I got a great impression of the department and by the end of the open day I was certain that this was the University for me."

"I chose to study history at Sheffield because of the quality of the teaching there. I also thought that the structure of the course, where I would be required to study things I hadn't previously been attracted to would challenge and stretch me."

"The skills that I developed studying history at Sheffield are so useful in my job. It is telling that there is a high proportion of history graduates on my graduate intake!"

"The Department of History at Sheffield was my first choice when I applied for university, The course was clearly structured and I always felt supported and encouraged by the teaching staff."

"Vigorous interrogation of sources was encouraged, and no question was dismissed for being too obvious. This openness set me at my ease and allowed me to thrive in my studies."

"I was encouraged to study a wide range of topics as well as specialise in areas of particular interest. I have developed invaluable skills, which I now use all the time."

"By gaining a good degree from a well-respected university, I was able to show future employers that I had the mental aptitude and determination to take on daunting tasks."

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