Carlo Vidal Miranda

MBA Business Administration

MGT - Carlo Vidal Miranda PG Dean's List 2023

Member of the Dean's List, class of 2023

Carlo is our first alumnus - and the only one so far - to earn a place on the Dean’s List at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has shown a continual commitment to supporting his community and pursuing career enhancement opportunities. 

Strong work ethic

Carlo consistently strives to achieve beyond what is required of him. As well as his MBA studies, he was a Research Assistant in the Management School. He supported a retail supply chain project on “The Operational & Economic Aspects of a move from Just-in-Time (JIT) to Just-In-Case (JIC)”. Through this project Carlo had the opportunity to work with academics in the school, hone his data analysis skills and improve his understanding of global market strategies.

To develop his digital marketing skill set, Carlo obtained the Google Ads Certifications in ‘Search’, ‘Measurement’ and ‘Display’. He also took on part-time roles as a Student Ambassador and Content Creator in the Management School, where he helped to re-establish the student blog, represented the department at Open Days and developed content for the School’s digital media channels. Carlo was complemented by all of his employers for his positive attitude, work ethic and willingness to go above the call of duty.

Global perspective

Carlo demonstrated a strong commitment to support a diverse and inclusive community across the University and beyond. As a Student Ambassador in the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC), he interacted with students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. He helped organise an integrated social program, created a WhatsApp group and organised regular football matches as a cultural bridge to help students get to know one another. After noticing some students struggled to keep up in the football sessions, Carlo took the initiative to set up a separate beginner’s practice so that everyone could take part.

As an International Student Ambassador with Global Engagement, Carlo successfully applied for extra responsibilities as part of the Content Creation team, which included monitoring social media accounts and creating video content. In the Academic Programmes and Skills Development (APSE) team, Carlo became a Student Digital Learning Associate. Here he worked to ensure that all students, regardless of ability, have equal access to learning resources. He audited online content to ensure it is fully accessible, contributing directly towards ‘Priority 3: Digital Experience’ of the University Vision. 

Outside the University, he volunteered to teach at online English academy ‘Idiomas In-House’, assisting fellow Peruvians to improve their English language proficiency, whilst inspiring them to consider using their newfound English skills by studying abroad. 

After graduating his MBA, Carlo joined London-based property investment firm Capital36 as a Business Impact Manager.

A global reputation

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