Mr Bo Pan

Room: B02, Management School Doctoral Centre

Studying Accounting major has allowed me to develop a broad range of knowledge including financial accounting, corporate finance and auditing etc. professional courses. Successful completion of my Bachelor's dissertation “Analyses the current situation, problems and countermeasures of accounting information disclosure of listed companies in China” displays my written communication and project management skills, along with the ability to meet strict deadlines. Then I got my Master Degree of Finance & Accounting in The University of Sheffield, as the top one student with the Distinction degree with the highest scores of examinations and dissertation. I deepen the understanding of academic knowledge of corporate finance and econometric during the Master life, then I choose to continue my academic life as a PhD researcher in Finance at the University of Sheffield. My main research area mainly focus on corporate finance, market competition, firms' innovation activities and financial constraints, especially in Chinese market or macroscopic angle.


Dr. Junhong Yang, Dr. Shuxing Yin

Involvement in any Previous Research Projects

Market Competition, firms' innovation

Thesis Title

The effects of market competition on firms' innovation activities: evidence from manufacturing industries in China

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

Corporate finance, market competition, firms' innovation activities and financial constraints