Mr Bo Pan

Room: Room A04a, 31 Claremont Crescent
Qualifications: ACCA: 7 modules passes

Bo Pan is a PhD candidate in Finance at the Sheffield University Management School. He started PhD academic life in Sheffield in October 2016, following the completion of his Master graduation certificate with Distinction degree in Finance & Accounting from the Sheffield University Management School in September 2016. He also obtained a BSc in Accounting from Shandong University which is one of the top universities in China in June 2015.

His current research area focuses on Corporate Finance, Market Competition, Firms' innovation activities and Firms’ financial constraints, especially in Chinese market. Additionally, He is now a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Sheffield University Management School for Module 102 (Introduction to Management Accounting) and Module 133 (Finance and Accounting for Managers)


Dr. Junhong Yang, Dr. Shuxing Yin

Involvement in any Previous Research Projects

Innovation, competition and financial constraints: Research Assistant (RA);

Thesis Title

Industry competition and firm innovation - Evidence from China

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

Corporate finance, market competition, firms' innovation and financial constraints; zombie enterprises; seasoned equity offering (SEO)

Conference Presentations

“Evolution and dynamics of industrial structures and ecosystems: Innovation and productivity in industries” conference in the Durham University, 22nd September, 2017;
IFABS Asia 2017 Ningbo China Conference in Ningbo (China), 31st August - 2nd September, 2017;
4th Young Finance Scholars’ Conference in the University of Sussex, 12th - 13th June, 2017;
Development Economics Conference in the University of Lincoln, 8th - 9th June, 2017;
NARTI 12th Annual Doctoral Conference in the University of Newcastle, 6th - 7th June, 2017