Legha Momtazian

Supervisor(s): Prof. Phil Johnson & Prof. Rachael Finn


A07, Management Doctoral Centre
171 Northumberland Road
Sheffield S10 1DF



0114 22 23348



Title of the study project:

“How moral stances of Baha’i Faith translate in business”

Project aims/objectives:

It is aimed at exploring possibilities of an ethical framework for financial decision making with reference to Baha’i Faith.

Human being has been regarded as driven only by self-interest. Hence, his decisions would ultimately formulate a win-lose scenario. But if his spiritual existence is respected and educated, then he is capable of making choices for benefit of him and his society at the same time, with a deep intention of serving his fellowmen.

Introduction of the science of the Love of God, ready willingness to share, and the culture of sacrifice to financial end economic era would contribute to development of a trustworthy economy.

This study intends to investigate the formulation of code of ethics in organizations and explore the possibilities and barriers to one based upon these values accentuated in Baha’i Faith.

Other Recent Projects:

  • Study of love as a major factor in financial decision making. (Submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Finance and Accounting programme at Bangalore University, India)
  • What is the role of consultation in problem solving and making decisions? (As a personal project undertaken in Baha’i community in Iran)


  • “Investment and Portfolio Management” at BIHE (Baha’i Institute for Higher Education)
  • “Applied Corporate Finance” at BIHE (Baha’i Institute for Higher Education)

Research Interests:

The process of ethics-based financial decision making, leadership and consultation, Sustainable and evolving change in organizations, Sustainable poverty reduction methods in grassroots


  • “Where ethics stand in current business models!” as a conference proceeding to BAM2012 annual Conference, UK, 2012
  • “Ethics and Economics” as a conference proceedings to Business School annual conference called Com.Vision in Bangalore University in India, 2007