Liam Goucher

Room: B03, Management Doctoral Centre
171 Northumberland Road
Sheffield S10 1DF
Phone: 0114 22 23496

Title of the study project:

Adapting Supply Chains to Support Petroleum Alternatives in the Transport Sector: Mitigating Upstream Risk in the Emerging Global Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain for Electric Vehicles.

Project aims/objectives:

Part of the White Rose Consortium’s ‘Low Carbon Futures’ research stream, this project is driven by the growing importance being placed on lithium-ion battery technology within the automotive sector. The research specifically seeks to:

  • Understand and map how automotive manufacturers are configuring their supply chains to obtain sufficient production of lithium-ion batteries; especially in light of recent growth projections for the electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market.
  • Model upstream external environmental (legislative, economic, geographic, political, exchange) and supply risk metrics within this supply chain, to identify critical risk ‘hotspots’.
  • Gain an insight into current supply chain risk management/ mitigation strategies/ tools within the automotive industry and evaluate their effectiveness in the current context.

Other Recent Projects:

Development of a theoretical framework for evaluating approaches to ‘greening’ supply chains. Specifically the commercial benefits derived from continued supplier collaboration to improve performance.

Research interests:

Supply chain mapping, risk modelling, risk management/ mitigation strategies, resource dependence theory, stakeholder theory, strategic management.

Other Interests:

Green supply chain management, energy policy/ regulation, EU procurement procedures, energy legislation and impact, oil/ gas security of supply.