Ms Mira Lieberman

Room: Management School Doctoral Centre
Qualifications: BA Modern Languages: French and English, The Open University
MA Sociocultural Linguistics, Goldsmiths College, London


A first-year PhD candidate funded by the Grantham Centre for Future Sustainability, I am interested in the representation of animals in a wide range of media. Having completed by BA in Modern Languages with the Open University, and my MA in Sociocultural linguistics at Goldsmiths, University of London, I am now looking to apply linguistic analysis in my PhD research.


(1st) Dr Jill Atkins
(2nd) Dr Robert McKay

Thesis Title

Exploring the implementation of an accounting and engagement framework for extinction prevention

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

We are currently experiencing the Earth's 6th mass extinction, where species are lost at a dazzling rate, mainly due to human activity. My PhD thesis adopts approached from ecolinguistics and sociolinguistics to analyse international companies' integrated reports to examine how they may account for species extinction. I am specifically interested in the chemical industry and pesticide use in connection with the extinction of insects, who play a vital component in the maintenance of soil health, pollination and food production.

Conference presentations

4th International Postgraduate Conference on Modern Languages, Linguistics and Literature at the University of Central Lancashire