Muhammad Surya Anindita

Room: Room A3a, Management School Doctoral Centre
Qualifications: MBA - Leeds University Business School


Marketer with 10 years experience of sales and marketing strategic development in the FMCG and petrochemicals industries. Successfully transferred sales and marketing theories into practices across companies in different cultures, markets and sizes based on market research. Passionate in teaching and conducting research in the field of marketing, international business, and SMEs.


Prof Tim Vorley

Thesis Title

Assessing SMEs Internationalisation in Emerging Market Context
A Case Study of Indonesia

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

The objective of this study is to investigate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) internationalisation in emerging market context and to assess the implications for the national economy. Many studies investigated the SMEs internationalisation, yet only a few literatures discuss the SMEs internationalisation in emerging market context. Whereas their potential to generate employment and contribute to the national economy in emerging market countries is considered significant.

The research will take place in Indonesia, an emerging market country in Southeast Asia. As an archipelago country with thousands of islands, Indonesia is considered to have a rich institutional environment, both formal and informal in national and subnational level. It has been noted that over 99% of Indonesian SMEs have not undertaken international activities. Therefore, this study attempts to address this problem by applying institutional theory to identify the gaps in formal and informal factors from the national and subnational institutions toward SME’s performance in conducting international business.

Academic literatures related to SMEs internationalisation are reviewed. A conceptual model is then developed followed by research questions. The study is going to use mixed method by collecting secondary data and in-depth semi-structured interview with public policy actors and the SMEs’ owner-managers or entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

The results are expected to contribute to understanding SMEs’ behaviour in facing globalisation through expanding business overseas, explaining the link between government support policy and SMEs internationalisation, and the implications for the national economy.

Conference presentations

SUMS Annual Doctoral Conference