Mrs Olga Cam

Room: B04, Claremont Cresent
Phone: +44 (0) 114 222 3482
Qualifications: Master of Science (MSc) in Business and Economics
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business and Economics
PGCE Business. Postgraduate Certificate in Education
QCF Certificate. Vocational assessor qualification.

I grew up and completed my secondary education in Murmansk, Russia but moved to Sweden where I studied Business and Economics at Uppsala University. After finishing my Master Degree I moved to the UK where I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in education with the specialist subjects including Business Accounting and Economics.

I have gained vast experience in teaching both academic and professional qualifications in accounting and business while working within secondary and tertiary educational sectors in the UK.

Since spring 2015 I have been working as Doctoral Associate in Accounting and Finance at the University of Sheffield. My position combines both teaching and doctoral research commitments.


Professor Bill Lee
Dr. Stewart Smyth

Thesis Title

Comparative analysis of inclusion of social and environmental accounting dimension in the accounting education provided by the UK's universities and colleges.

Scope of Research

How does presence or lack of SEA provision impacts the type of accounting labour force being educated by the range of the education providers in the UK?

How to overcome a problem of measuring accounting labour quality educated by the accounting education providers?

How does the current level of SEA inclusion amongst these providers relate to the identified theoretical models of standard accounting professionals?

Assuming variations in provision between educational providers which impacts on the types of accounting labour force being educated. How do the accounting education practitioners responsible for creating and teaching the syllabus influence these variations?