Mr Richard Bruce

Room: SUMS B059
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 2723
Qualifications: MBA
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts


After several years in the UK's Dept of the Environment as a fast track civil servant, I spent a year doing a full time MBA at SUMS, then worked on strategy and technology transfer for Harper Adams, now an Agricultural University. Then from 1996 I was an international supply chain consultant working with food and drink manufacturers and their interface with multiple retailers. I joined TUoS in 2012 initially as a visiting lecturer also starting on my PhD, and was employed full-time across two roles, Grantham Business Engagement Lead and Lecturer on MSc modules teaching Supply Chain Accounting & Finance, whilst completing my PhD in Trust,Power & Risk in supply chains.


Professors John Cullen and Lenny Koh

Thesis Title

The use of accounting tools and techniques in enhancing trust levels in supplier-retailer relations in the UK grocery sector.

Recent Publications

The Future Information Needs of Rural Practice Chartered Surveyors; a means to competitive advantage? Bruce, R. Harper Adams Enterprises. 1995

Vanishing value chains, industrial districts and HRM in the Brazilian automotive industry. Pauline Dibben, Juliana Meira, Caroline Linhares, Richard Bruce & Geoffrey Wood Pages 1-18 | Published online: 26 Sep 2016

An agenda for integrated system-wide interdisciplinary agri-food research. Peter Horton, Steve A. Banwart, Dan Brockington, Garrett W. Brown, Richard Bruce, Duncan Cameron, Michelle Holdsworth, S. C. Lenny Koh, Jurriaan Ton, Peter Jackson. Food Security (2017).

The environmental impact of fertilizer embodied in a wheat-to-bread supply chain. Liam Goucher, Richard Bruce, Duncan D. Cameron, S. C. Lenny Koh & Peter Horton. Nature Plants 3, Article number: 17012 (2017)

Conference presentations

Management Control Association, January 2017