I was offered a job after doing my company project at BBraun Medical

Lavanya Krishnan.
Lavanya Krishnan
Postgraduate alumna
After completing her MBA company project at BBraun Medical, Lavanya Krishnan from India went on to secure a permanent role with the company as a Project Manager.

When it came to being recruited for my current role, nobody had to interview me, because literally all key business stakeholders already knew me from my company project!

Lavanya Krishnan

Project Manager at BBraun Medical

Lavanya Krishnan.

Before the Sheffield MBA

Before I started my MBA, I was a Techno Functional Salesforce Consultant with Accenture, India, with about eight years of experience in the IT industry. I worked with clients and their stakeholders across the UK and Europe to guide and advise businesses in their software development.

My MBA friends have now become my family

The Triple Crown accreditation, being a Russell Group University and the location of Sheffield as a city with its links to the rest of the UK were the main reasons why I chose the Sheffield MBA.

However it’s the friendship and memories me and my friends made together that I will fondly take away from Sheffield. I always have nostalgia when I come back to the city. I can say that I have learned and grown so much both personally and professionally during my year at Sheffield University Management School.

Doing a company project at BBraun Medical gave me the fantastic opportunity to network and make myself known within the company

During my company project, I got to interview the managing directors and head of business functions. I didn’t ask for or apply for a job, but from the impression and networks I made on my project, they realised I was an asset and offered me the role of Project Manager. That’s where I would say you get to make an impression - your company project.

I’m currently the Project Manager and Product Owner at BBraun’s UK Homecare Project and the Project Leader for the SAP PP (Production Planning) Implementation in BBraun UK

As part of the Steering Committee for the SAP PP implementation project, I work alongside the managing directors of the BBraun group in the UK and the Vice President of Manufacturing of BBraun Spain. I report directly to the Head of Supply Chain and BBraun Medical UK’s Managing Director.

My responsibilities include managing the project teams and running the steering committee meetings, liaising with all BBraun’s stakeholders to discuss the 360-degree overview of the ongoing projects. We decided on the next projects to implement based on the business benefits that it has to offer for the Homecare UK project.

My advice to future Sheffield MBA students

Learn from your peer group, it’s not a competition. Support and learn from one another. Be it someone who is younger than you or older, more experienced or not, you can learn a lot from them.

Remember that you already have the required talent, so make the most of the whole MBA experience to identify what is your strongest skill set, and to sharpen all of your management and leadership skills.

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