First impressions of Esade

Vasundhra shares her experience of attending Esade Business School in Barcelona as a part of the Management School's summer school offering.

A view over Barcelona.

Dear Readers,

As I embark on a summer adventure of a lifetime at Esade Business School, I find myself bubbling with excitement and anticipation. This fully funded two-week program promises an immersive experience in the world of business and leadership and I am thrilled to share every moment of this transformative journey with all of you.

Before I even set foot on the plane, the process of applying for this esteemed summer school program was a whirlwind of emotions. From the hope of gaining invaluable knowledge to envisioning the networking opportunities and exploration of Barcelona, my heart brimmed with possibilities. The moment that acceptance letter arrived, it affirmed that this opportunity would not only be academically enriching but also personally and professionally transformative.

As I prepared for this adventure, from packing essentials to researching the vibrant city of Barcelona, my anticipation grew. The city, renowned for its breath-taking architecture, captivating art, and delectable cuisine, beckoned as the perfect backdrop for my summer studies.

However, my journey took an unexpected turn during the visa process. Instead of a direct visa for Spain, I had to apply for a Belgium visa, leading to a one-week trip to Belgium after the summer school. The additional expenses and summer surcharges presented challenges, and in hindsight, I realised that opting for the home service Spanish visa from the embassy would have been more cost-effective. Nevertheless, I believe every experience has its own value, and I am looking forward to my solo trip to Belgium with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

On 9th July '23, I boarded the flight to Barcelona, brimming with eagerness to embrace every moment of this adventure. Upon arrival, the energy of the city enveloped me, welcoming me with its diverse and vibrant culture.

Esade Business School, with its prestigious reputation, proved to be nothing short of awe-inspiring. The modern campus exuded innovation, setting the stage for an immersive learning experience. 

As I checked into the accommodation, I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless process. The staff members were welcoming and well-organised, ensuring a smooth transition into our dorm rooms. The rooms themselves were clean, tidy, and equipped with all the essentials needed for a comfortable stay. This attention to detail was a testament to Esade's dedication to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for its students.

Interacting with the faculty and fellow participants during the orientation further reinforced my belief that this journey would be transformative.

The induction at Esade began with a heart-warming gesture, as each participant received a reusable glass bottle, a symbol of the institution's commitment to sustainability. This thoughtful initiative inspired us to reduce single-use plastic, fostering a culture of environmental consciousness. It was a small act with a big impact, setting the tone for the program's emphasis on responsible business practices.

One cultural surprise was the lunch break at 2 pm, which initially caught me off guard. However, I quickly adapted, appreciating the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and build connections with peers during the break. The cafeterias' accessibility throughout the day for a quick bite and energising coffee ensured that we remained fuelled for our academic pursuits.

The diverse cohort of students enriched every interaction and discussion, broadening our perspectives and challenging us to embrace diversity as a catalyst for innovation.

The academic journey was equally exhilarating. The faculty's expertise and passion made each lecture engaging and informative, and the interactive workshops allowed us to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, sharpening our problem-solving and analytical skills.

Esade's emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation resonated deeply with me. The school's nurturing environment encouraged us to think boldly, challenge conventions, and explore our entrepreneurial aspirations with confidence.

Beyond academics, exploring the vibrant city of Barcelona offered a delightful respite. The city's culture, awe-inspiring architecture, and delectable cuisine provided a perfect balance to our intense study schedule. Outside the classroom, the enchanting city of Barcelona never ceased to amaze. From the historic Gothic Quarter to the vibrant La Rambla, every corner of the city has a story to tell. The fusion of tradition and modernity creates a unique tapestry that captivates the soul.

In conclusion, my first impressions of immersing myself in Esade's business environment have been truly transformative. The holistic approach to education, dedication to sustainability, cultural diversity, and encouragement of innovation have left an indelible mark on my journey. 

So, here's to a summer of transformation, a summer of discovery, and a summer of realising that the world truly is our oyster. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

Written by Vasundhra Raj, August 2023.

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