My University Room - how to make your accommodation feel homely

Carlo, an MBA student, shares how you can make your university room feel more like home and help you to settle in to your new surroundings.

Image of Carlo Miranda in his room

As an MBA student, I spend countless hours each week at my desk, diving deep into the vast ocean of business literature, navigating complex case studies, and sailing through a sea of learning materials. My room, particularly my desk, has become more than just a space; it has become my sanctuary, my haven of creativity, and the epicentre of my academic journey.

So, how did I transform this once unfamiliar and bland space into a cosy retreat that feels like home? Read on as I let you in on my secrets of making my uni room and desk truly mine.

The magic of personal touch

The first step was to sprinkle my space with personal touches. Family photos, motivational quotes, souvenirs from travels – these seemingly simple elements added a sense of familiarity and comfort to my room. They serve as gentle reminders of my roots and my journeys, acting as a balm for homesickness on tougher days.

Comfort is key

Next, I focused on comfort. A plush chair, a soft rug under my feet, and a cosy throw blanket transformed my room into a snug hideaway, perfect for long hours of study or a relaxing break with a good book. It's surprising how these small investments significantly ramp up the comfort level and make your space truly inviting.

The wonders of a widescreen monitor

Now, let's talk about the main asset of my study space - my widescreen monitor. As a student in the digital age, a significant part of my academic life unfolds on screens. Investing in a widescreen monitor was a game-changer. It has made everything from researching and writing assignments to attending team meetings and multitasking a whole lot easier. It allows me to have multiple windows open side by side, fostering efficiency. Plus, when I do get a bit of downtime, this widescreen wonder doubles up as a fantastic medium for movie nights!

Bringing it all together, my uni room and desk are more than just a physical space. They are a reflection of my personality, my journey, and my aspirations. They bear witness to my academic growth, my moments of triumph, and my instances of struggle. And at the end of each day, they offer a comforting embrace, a sense of home away from home.

Remember, your uni room is your blank canvas. Let your personality shine, infuse it with elements of comfort, and make it a space that not only houses your academic endeavours but also nurtures your well-being. Invest time in personalising it, and you will create not just a room, but a sanctuary that will support you throughout your university journey. And remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Let it evolve with you, reflecting your growth and transformation as you navigate your way through the exhilarating maze of your academic journey.

Written by Carlo Vidal Miranda in July 2023.

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