Unveiling Bavaria: My transformative summer school journey

MBA student Ambuj continues his summer school experience in Munich in the second instalment of his Bavaria Diaries.

Year abroad in Germany.

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Buckle up, because I'm about to take you on a whirlwind ride through my unforgettable Industry 4.0 summer school escapade in the heart of Bavaria, Germany. Get ready for cultural discoveries, stunning landscapes, and a hearty dose of German Gemütlichkeit!

Chapter 1: Bonding Over Biergartens 

Picture this: a group of eager students, tired but brimming with excitement after intensive lectures, decide to unwind like the locals. And where do Bavarians go to unwind? You guessed it right – the legendary Biergartens! Now, imagine us at the 400-year-old Hirschgarten, the Disneyland of beer gardens. Armed with our German beer vocabulary (which basically consists of "Prost!"), we embarked on a quest to conquer towering mugs of delicious brews. And let's not forget the giant pretzels – they're like carb-loaded Frisbees of happiness. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we clinked glasses, laughed at our pretzel prowess, and bonded over our newfound love for Bavarian conviviality.

Image of student Ambuj enjoying Munich

Chapter 2: Postcard-Worthy Scenery 

Fasten your seatbelts, because we're moving from beer to breath-taking beauty! Bavaria isn't just about brain power; it's a feast for the eyes. From Munich's sprawling English Garden – where even the ducks seem relaxed – to the medieval charm of Lindau, perched on Lake Constance, each view was like stepping into a fairy tale. And oh, Neuschwanstein Castle! It's like a Disney castle on steroids, nestled among the rolling hills and forested wonders. We even took a boat ride in the Alps – think Titanic minus the drama – and let me tell you, Mother Nature knows how to show off her portfolio.

Image of Munich scenery

Chapter 3: History Brought to Life

You know that feeling when you walk through an old town, and you can practically hear the whispers of centuries past? Well, that was me in Bavaria. Cobblestone streets lined with charming architecture, each building telling a story as old as time. Cathedrals, palaces, and market squares – it's like history was just waiting for us to show up and say, "Hey, we're here to listen!" If walls could talk, Bavaria's would have the best stories.

Chapter 4: Cultural Treasures

Now, let's talk about culture. Bavaria isn't just about lederhosen and bratwurst; it's a hub of creativity and expression. Science museums that made my inner geek do a happy dance, opera houses where I pretended I understood the plot (but hey, the singing was amazing), and art that left me pondering life's mysteries.

Chapter 5: A Warm Welcome and Gemütlichkeit

Okay, confession time. I was a bit nervous about fitting in with the locals. But guess what? Bavarians are the friendliest bunch you'll ever meet. They welcomed us with open arms, intriguing conversations, and enough hospitality to make a hotel concierge jealous. And let's not forget "Gemütlichkeit" – a word that means coziness, warmth, and all things lovely. Basically, it's Bavaria's superpower, and I left with an honorary degree in Gemütlichkeit.

Epilogue: A More Enlightened Citizen

So, there you have it, my Bavarian adventure – a summer school experience that was more than just lectures. I came for the knowledge, but I left with so much more. I've expanded my horizons, deepened my connections, and returned home not just with business insights, but with a heart full of memories. Bavaria, you've changed me in the best way possible. Danke for the lessons, the laughs, and the pretzels. Until we meet again! ??❤️

My sincerest thanks to the University and SUMS for providing this phenomenal experience and learning opportunity!

Written by Ambuj Batheja, August 2023.

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