Why I chose to study Business Management and Economics

Twasin discusses why he decided to study Business Management and Economics, a dual programme, at the University of Sheffield.

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Choosing the perfect course for you is not the easiest task because there isn’t one single recipe for that. If there’s one thing my course has taught me it is that your course doesn’t define you, but you define it. Now if that is too philosophical to start with, bear with me.

I went to a military school in the heart of the capital of Bangladesh - Dhaka. The 10 years I spent there shaped me into who I am today, and a big portion of it consisted of debating. When I think about why I chose to study Business Management and Economics at the University of Sheffield, I immediately find myself circling back to the first day I joined the debating club of my high school.

You see, debating has a way of installing many questions in you. You research into topics ranging from complicated international policies to everyday moral dilemmas, and eventually learn to build opinions of your own on a variety of issues. Over the six years of debating there, I found myself to be really intrigued by the topics surrounding Economics and Finance a lot. The way a simple action like increasing taxes on bread have a profound impact on an entire economy marvelled me, and by the time I finished high school I knew this is the route I wanted to further explore in university. I had a serious desire to work in the heart of British Finance industry and this course offered collaboratively by Sheffield University Management School and the Department of Economics seemed like the perfect place to start. The desire to understand the impact policies had in our lives and to approach the finance industry practically then led me to come to the University of Sheffield for a degree in BA Business Management and Economics.

I’ll be honest - I was really overwhelmed when I came into Sheffield. So there I was one year ago, 5000 miles away from home with my entire life packed up in two suitcases. I knew I really wanted to do what I came here to do, but there are moments in life you find yourself looking back at a decision you’ve already taken and asking ‘’Is this really worth it?’’. I had one of those moments as the infamous British rain drenched me and my luggage in front of Sheffield Train Station. I told myself that it will be worth it if I make it, and at the end of the day that response has resonated my university life in this course so far.

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Looking back at it, it’s only been a year, but this has been the most transitionary year in my life. The course gave me the perfect blend of economic understanding of markets and the practical managerial knowledge required to make the most out of those markets. The modules I’ve done so far have been immensely insightful and placed increased emphasis on collaboration with peers. I landed a summer internship after my first year at university, and I strongly believe my course has helped me a lot in the process of that. The modules taught in first year do a really good job at preparing you for the journey you’re about to embark on, and both the departments ensure that networking is always an option available to students. Apart from the academic aspect of the course, I got to meet so many like-minded people with whom I’ve made bonds to hold on to. I had the opportunity to lead a project to help the disabled community, I was part of the team from the university that ranked third nationally in the Universities Business Challenge; and of course - I got to do the thing that set this all in motion - debate. Shocker, I know.

Looking back at the year I’ve spent, choosing to study my course was one of the few decisions in my life that I’m proud of taking.

Written by Twasin Rahman in August 2023.