Why I chose to study Business Management at Sheffield University Management School

Talis, final year Business Management student, shares why she chose to study her course.

The front steps at the Management School.

The reason I chose Business Management is simple. Everything is a business and the fact that Sheffield takes more of a management approach appealed to me. When I started university, I was unsure of what I wanted to do so I picked Business Management, a broad course that provides many transferable skills and left room for me to deliberate career opportunities.

During the last two years of my studies, I have discovered topics I enjoy and want to expand on in third year. The modules in first year were good but in second year it felt like we were getting more stuck into subjects and how they are incorporated into real life. Not only are the modules varied but so are their assessment techniques as they use essays, Excel coursework, group presentations, and exams - therefore there is something for everyone.

I took a particular interest in the Marketing module in second year as it was assessed by an essay on your chosen product where you had to research and write about the different aspects of the product. This was useful as I made module choices for my third year because I knew I wanted to take marketing modules. I also enjoyed the Entrepreneurship module in second year because they had regular visits from guest speakers to discuss entrepreneurship in real life practice. The coursework was creative and engaging as we made our own business model canvas in teams. This has led me to pick the New Venture Creation module in third year as it uses similar skills but encompasses aspects from the whole course as well. In both first and second year I enjoyed the Excel coursework - even though they were on different subjects, it was nice to do something a bit different. The group projects also offer differentiation as they give you the chance to interact with people you might not normally and learn to work as a team which is a vital skill to develop.

I joined the Management Society (MSoc) in first year and it was one of the best decisions I made. On the first social I met some of my closest friends at uni. Since then, I have played on the MSoc netball team which is a fun way to keep fit with some light-hearted exercise whilst having a laugh with your mates. I also joined the committee which has offered me great experiences and skills that will be beneficial in the future. The academic societies linked to courses are very good for meeting like-minded people and getting involved in valuable opportunities. They host balls, socials, sports, and offer other experiences too. In my opinion, MSoc is one of the highlights of studying a management course as it gives you a sense of belonging and really adds value to your university experience. 

Personally, I believe that Business Management is a great course to study especially if you have a general interest in business but aren’t quite sure where your passion lies as it allows you to discover and delve into topics. Even if you do have a specific business sector in mind, the first year of the course gives you an important overview of the different aspects of business which is beneficial to understand, it may even make you realise there are other career options you could consider. Then the way you can pick modules in second and third year really enables you to study what you’re interested in. Additionally, from a social perspective, the course is great as you have time to socialise and the way it is structured means you’re integrating with a range of people, not to mention the Management Society and other business-related societies which give you the opportunity to meet people outside of the lecture theatre.

Written by Talis Skinner in August 2023.