Why I chose to study an MBA

MBA student, Carlo, shares why he chose to return to studying and pursue an MBA at Sheffield University Management School.

MGT - Carlo Vidal Miranda PG Dean's List 2023

Straight after completing my Bachelor's degree at Sheffield, I embarked on the grand adventure of starting my own business. For the next 3 years, I had been learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, of creating something from nothing, of taking an idea and nurturing it into a living, breathing, thriving entity. It was thrilling, it was terrifying, and it was undeniably fulfilling.

Yet, as my business started to grow, I found myself standing at a precipice. I was eager to expand, to take things to the next level, but I also knew that my journey thus far had been fuelled more by passion and grit than formal business knowledge. I was acutely aware of the gaps in my understanding - the facets of business operations and strategy that I needed to grasp more deeply.

The entrepreneurial fire within me yearned for more knowledge, more skills, more understanding. I realised I was craving not just any education, but a focused, comprehensive deep dive into the world of business, something that could propel both my personal growth and the success of my venture.

That's when the idea of an MBA started to percolate. I realised that this degree could be the missing puzzle piece, the one that would bring my knowledge of business full circle, equip me with the tools necessary to expand my business, and more importantly, broaden my horizons.

The choice of institution was, in many ways, a no-brainer. Sheffield University Management School, with its sterling reputation, practical approach, and emphasis on innovation, felt like coming home. I knew first-hand the quality of education and the vibrant student community that it offered, having experienced it during my undergraduate years.

What made Sheffield University even more appealing was its commitment to real-world learning. This, I knew, was exactly what I needed: a balance of theory and practice that would serve as a crucible for my ideas and ambitions.

I knew that stepping back into the classroom after being knee-deep in the entrepreneurial world wouldn't be easy. But I also knew it would be worth it. My journey has taught me that learning doesn't stop after we graduate; it's a lifelong process, an ongoing conversation between us and the world around us.

And so, with my entrepreneurial spirit in one hand and my quest for knowledge in the other, I have embarked on this new chapter at Sheffield. I am excited to soak up every lesson, to engage with the bright minds around me, to challenge myself in ways I never have before.

To those who may be considering a similar path, I say this: seize the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to expand your horizons. For at the end of the day, it is through understanding that we truly begin to master our craft.

With an MBA at Sheffield University Management School, I know I'm on the path to do just that. I'm ready for the challenges, the lessons, and the triumphs that lay ahead. Because in the pursuit of knowledge, I'm not just expanding my business, I'm expanding myself.

This isn't just an academic journey; it's a journey of self-discovery, growth, and an enduring commitment to my entrepreneurial spirit. And I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

Written by Carlo Vidal Miranda, August 2023.

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