Dr Edward Yates

Management School

Lecturer in Employment Relations

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Dr Edward Yates
Management School
Room A009
Sheffield University Management School
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Edward Yates is a Lecturer in Employment Relations in the School of Management at the University of Sheffield.

Edward is a member of the Centre for Decent Work (CDW) located within the Management School.

Research interests

Edward’s research explores the relationship between processes of political economy, state regulation, employment relations and labour market outcomes. He is particularly interested in the behaviour of local labour markets, in particular for young workers. Edward’s current research is organised into four main areas:

  1. Local labour markets. Specifically how processes of capitalist accumulation manifest in and through local labour markets and how this is expressed in the behaviour of local state actors, local employers, and workers.
  2. State regulation of work, employment, and labour markets. In particular how shifts in the global economy in the last 50 years have impacted upon state policy for labour market regulation and what this means for workers.
  3. Young workers. Edward’s research examines central and local government policy regarding young workers, wage-rates for young workers, conditions of work and employment, skills and training provision, and the theoretical development of a ‘political economy of youth’.
  4. Work, employment and labour markets in the NHS. This strand of research explores contemporary conditions of work and employment in the NHS for different staff groups and occupations.
    • The research examines: the intensification of working conditions in the NHS, processes of churn and attrition, pension changes, the role of trade unions and professional organisations in the NHS, and NHS financing.

In addition to these four research areas Edward is interested in the theoretical development of critical, global political economy, and in research methodologies.


Journal articles

Book reviews


  • Yates EDWARD, Heyes JASON, Matheson JESSE & Popli GURLEEN (2022) The co-existence of high youth unemployment and high job vacancy rates RIS download Bibtex download
  • Yates EDWARD, EVEMY J & Berry CRAIG (2020) The Relationship Between Firm Financing and Investment in Productivity in a Very Low Interest Rate Environment RIS download Bibtex download
  • Adascalitei D, Crockett G, Heyes J, Newsome K & Yates E (2019) The Impact of the National Living Wage on Businesses: Retail and Hospitality in Two English Cities RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Centre for Decent Work

Teaching interests

Edward is committed to providing a stimulating, challenging and rewarding teaching experience for students, one which treats each students as individuals and as responsible independent adults.

Central to this approach is identifying the differing abilities, aims and ambitions of students and responding accordingly in order to help students achieve their potential.

Edward’s teaching is shaped by his research interests and as such it is theoretically driven and guided by contemporary examples.

Teaching activities

Edward currently teaches on the following modules:

  • MGT650 – Managing People in Organisations
  • MGT6127 – Management Theory and Practice
  • MGT682 – Research Methods
PhD Supervision

I am interested in being part of a supervisory team for students wishing to research any of the following areas:

  • Local labour markets
  • Young workers
  • State regulation of work and employment
  • Local state policy and labour market regulation
  • Global political economy, work and employment
  • Labour markets, work and employment in the UK National Health Service (NHS)