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Senior Lecturer in Finance

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Dr Junhong Yang
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Junhong Yang joined Sheffield University Management School in 2021 as Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Finance. Prior to that, he held positions as Senior Lecturer and served as Director of MSc International Financial Management Programme at SOAS University of London. Junhong received his Doctoral degree in Finance from Durham University. He also holds two Master’s degrees from Durham University and Xiamen University. Junhong has published widely in world-leading and international academic journals, focusing on the area of Finance and Economics. Junhong is a Fellow of the Centre for Global Finance (CGF) at SOAS and an External Consultant at the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI). Earlier, he was also a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Finance in Croatia. He has been involved in different research proposals and projects, including the ESRC/UKRI/AHRC/BA grants.


PhD in Finance - Durham University

Research interests

Junhong’s research has largely focused on the following areas:

  • Corporate finance (e.g. Innovation and M&As)
  • Sustainable economy/finance (e.g. ESG, climate finance)
  • Financial technology (e.g. P2P, digital finance)
  • Social finance (e.g. social media)
  • Financial economics (e.g. the Economics of Transition in China, Financial Inclusion)
  • Big data (e.g. machine learning, text analysis)

Journal articles

Research group

Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context (CRAFiC)


Selected Grants are shown below:

  • 2021: the SBS Pump Priming fund of the University of Surrey for the project on "The Impact of COVID-19 on Capital Markets: Understanding the Role of News and Social Media" (CI; £2,500 with X. Han).
  • 2020: the COVID  Fund of SOAS University of London on "the Economic Impact and Implications of COVID-19 on Households and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises" (PI; £2000)
  • 2020: the Seedcorn Fund of SOAS University of London for the project on "Networks, Dynamics and the Impact Evaluation of Public-Private Partnership: the Case of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)": (CI; £6,000 with H. Zou)
  • 2018: the Research Stimulation Funding of Sheffield University Management School: "Brexit and Market attention" (CI; £8,270.00 with A. Tunyi).
  • 2017: the Research Stimulation Funding of Sheffield University Management School: "Innovation, Competition and Financial Constraints" (PI; £5,960.00 with P. Bo, M. Awais, J. Liang)
  • 2016: Marie Curie Host Fellowship is funded by the European Commission's Framework 7 Industry-Academia Partnerships Programme (IAPP) grant no. 611259 entitled "Out of the Shadows: Developing Capacities and Capabilities for Tackling Undeclared Work in Bulgaria, Croatia and FYR Macedonia" (GREY, the total cost: €1,263,163.11; the Marie Curie fellowship funding, £34,196.81).
Teaching activities

Junhong has previously taught modules in Corporate Finance, International Finance, Quantitative Methods, Corporate Governance, Quantitative Methods for Finance and Accounting, Comparative Finance and Financial Services.

PhD Supervision

Junhong welcomes PhD applications in the areas of his research interests including Corporate finance (e.g. ESG, Innovation and M&As), Financial Technology, Social Finance (e.g. Social Media), the Economics of Transition in China, Financial Inclusion, Financial Economics, Political Finance and Behavioral Finance and PhD applicants with strong backgrounds in Data Science, Text Analytics, Statistical Computing and Machine Learning.